Export from ConceptDraw MINDMAP to MS Project® XML

Export from ConceptDraw MINDMAP to MS Project® XML

ConceptDraw MINDMAP can export to MS Project file from a mind map; it can also import a project file from MS Project giving team members who use Macintosh or Windows, a working visual map of a planned project. The ability to import/export MS Project files is made possible because of the Project Exchange solution. Read more

Construction Project Chart Examples

ConceptDraw PROJECT provides a set of construction Gantt chart examples. Project manager requires task tracking, and project examples best approach to start. Make your project applying one of our ready-made examples. Read more

How to Create Presentation of Your Project Gantt Chart

During the planning, discussing and execution of a project you may need to prepare a presentation using project views such as the Gantt Chart, Multiproject Dashboard or Resource Usage View. It’s easy do with ConceptDraw PROJECT! Read more

How to View Tasks of a Single Project Using Scheduler

A Project Scheduler page in the ConceptDraw PLAN is a dynamic 'road map' that guides the project to successful completion. It is the tool that shows what tasks need to be completed, which resources should perform the tasks and the date in which that tasks need to be completed. The Scheduler page of the current project displays tasks associated with implementing the project on time. Project manager can monitor the complete process, in terms of tasks and resources, required to complete the project successfully. Read more

Flowchart Programming Project. Flowchart Examples

Create you own flow charts of process-driven software applications using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Cross-Functional Flowcharts solution from the Business Processes area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. The programming project flow chart example shows the logical process of execution. Read more

UML Sample Project

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a graphical modeling language for describing, visualizing, projecting and documenting of object oriented systems. UML digram is used for modeling of organizations and their business processes, for development the big projects, the complex software applications. Comprehensive UML diagram allows to create the set of interrelated documents that gives the complete visual representation of the modeling system. Read more

What Constitutes a Project?

Separated into categories of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced categories, the new instructional videos about ConceptDraw PROJECT cover a huge breadth of topics, explaining how to use project management software. Users new to ConceptDraw PROJECT will find the Basic lessons an essential platform for familiarizing themselves with the programs′s functions and found it simple project management software. This video lesson is the first in Basic lessons series tells about affordable simple project management software, it may be used as an intro for what is project management using simple project management sample. ConceptDraw PROJECT is excellent portfolio project management software, this lessons explains how to use project management software for small business in case of multi project environment. Read more
what is software project management
what is software project management

How to Change Project Task Completion on the Gantt

ConceptDraw PLAN allows you to seamlessly connect everyone involved in your projects, including your project team and external stakeholders. Regardless of the size or complexity of projects, ConceptDraw PLAN enables you to deliver a real-time view of tasks across entire projects. You can control task completion statuses and then quickly update your project's tasks completion value for the current date. Read more

How to View Project Settings

ConceptDraw PLAN cloud storage can store a lot of project files: files uploaded by owner, projects that are shared with him and a set of project-examples. Number of projects, you can upload and number of participants you can invite depends on your tariff plan. You can view setup options of your project on the The Project Settings page. Here, you can find out: currency of the project , first day of the week, the number of working hours per day and week, the amount of working days in a month, working hours by default, company name, start and finish date of the project, name of the project manager, and project objectives. Read more

How to Plan and Allocate Resources in Your Project with ConceptDraw PROJECT for Windows

Effective resource management is a key factor in the successful project implementation. The common types of resources for which the project manager has an impact, include material resources (materials, energy), staff (work) and equipment. CoceptDraw PROJECT provides easy ways to project Resources Management: Create a list of project resources and assign the right human resource, as well as the necessary material, or equipment to be used. Read more

How to Exchange Files with MS Project Users

Ability to exchange project data across different project applications gives users an excellent alternative on the way they manage projects, and assists in the interoperability of project information between team members who have Macintosh and PC computers. Read more

How To View Project Resources

ConceptDraw PLAN allows to track the most important aspects of managing a project, including scheduling, and resource management. Project resources are any people, equipment, or materials needed to complete tasks in your project. Knowing what resources are engaged in the project and keeping communications with people resources will help you in adjustment of your project from beginning to completion. Read more

How to View a Resource Tasks Scheduled on a Specific Time

One of the most important role of project manager is tracking the assignments for project resources in order to effectively organize their work loads. You can preview how efficiently your resources are planned to be used in the current project through calendar. You will see whether you need to make any improvements, by viewing all tasks scheduled for certain resources at a certain time in ConceptDraw PLAN. Read more

Remote Projects in Corporate Strategy

Communication is the main challenge and the key success factor for organizational project management in company with remote projects. Communicating visually via Skype you bring all projects together to achieve corporate goals. Read more

One formula of professional mind mapping : input data + output data + make great presentation

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a powerful software from ConceptDraw Office suite, which provides a lot of tools and components for professional Mind Mapping. Besides the extensive tools for creation attractive and great-looking Mind Maps, it offers also wide import capabilities from MS Office files and mind mapping files MindJet MindManager, XMind and FreeMind, extensive export capabilities to common formats, such as PDF, HTML, different graphic formats, the possibility to generate MS Office documents, Project Management reports, PowerPoint presentations and demonstrate them via Skype conference call. Use of Skype conference call feature lets you to demonstrate the presentation's slide show and control it on computers of Skype call participants. This Report Mind Map example created in ConceptDraw MINDMAP software depicts the current project status and includes many pages and slides. This Project Status Report can be easy played as a slide show presentation on the large screen or to remote team using Skype conference call. Read more