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The vector stencils library "Furniture" contains 38 shapes of living-room, dining-room and bedroom furniture.
Use it for drawing furniture arrangements, home decor, residential floor plans, home design, space plans, and furniture layouts in the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Floor Plans solution from the Building Plans area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. solution-park/ floor-plans
Desk, desk,
Ping-Pong Table
Ping-Pong Table, ping-pong table,
House Plant
House Plant, house plant, potted plant,
Large Plant
Large Plant, plant, potted plant,
Wardrobe 1
Wardrobe 1, wardrobe,
Coat Rack
Coat Rack, coat rack,
Buffet/Hutch, hutch,
Fireplace, fireplace,
Corner Fireplace
Corner Fireplace, corner fireplace,
Hearth, hearth,
Wood Stove
Wood Stove, wood stove,
Flatscreen TV
Flatscreen TV, flat screen TV,
Television, television, TV,
Square Rug
Square Rug, square rug,
Oval Rug
Oval Rug, oval rug,
Rectangular Rug
Rectangular Rug, rectangular rug,
Floor Vent
Floor Vent, floor vent,
Waste Can
Waste Can, waste can, wastebasket,
Baseboard Heater
Baseboard Heater, baseboard heater,
Radiator, radiator,
Pool Table
Pool Table, pool table,
Grand Piano
Grand Piano, grand piano,
Spinet Piano
Spinet Piano, spinet piano,
Chest, chest,
Double Dresser
Double Dresser, double dresser,
Triple Dresser
Triple Dresser, triple dresser,
Bookcase, bookcase,
Wall Hooks 1
Wall Hooks 1, wall hooks,
Table Lamp
Table Lamp, table lamp,
Rectangular Blue Rug
Rectangular Blue Rug, rectangular, blue, rug,
Oval Blue Rug
Oval Blue Rug, oval, blue, rug,
Square Blue Rug
Square Blue Rug, square, blue, rug,
Round Blue Rug
Round Blue Rug, round, blue, rug,
Round Orange Rug
Round Orange Rug, round, orange, rug,
Wardrobe 2
Wardrobe 2, wardrobe,
Wall Hooks 2
Wall Hooks 2, wall hooks,
Desk Lamp
Desk Lamp, desk lamp,
Square Waste Can
Square Waste Can, square, waste can, wastebasket,