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Use the vector stencils libraries Business people clipart and Business people figures to quick draw illustrations, diagrams and infographics for your business documents, presentations and websites.
The stencils library Business people clipart includes 12 design elements: Negotiations
Round-table discussion, Business meeting, Presentation, Reporting, Overcharge, Department, Manager, Stakeholder, Investor, Shareholder, Customer.
The clipart library Business people figures includes 27 design elements: Negotiations, Phone talks, Private meeting, Internet conference, Web conference, Correspondence, Bridging, Signing of a contract, Discussion of an agreement, Personal calculation, Cooperation, Staff, Human resource, Available resource, Employed worker, Underloaded resource, Overdriven resource, Resource allocation, Company, Partner company, Workgroup, Conference, Report, Presentation, Speech, Exhibition, Interview, Rally.
This vector clipart is provided by the Business and Finance solution from Illustration area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Vector clip art
Vector clip art, workgroup, underloaded resource, stakeholder, staff, personnel, panel, manpower, speech, signing, contract, shareholder, round-table, discussion, resource allocation, report, rally, private meeting, presentation, phone talks, personal calculation, partner company, overdriven resource, overcharge, negotiations, manager, investor, interview, human resource, exhibition, employed worker, discussion, agreement, department, customer, correspondence, cooperation, conference, company, business meeting, meeting, bridging, available, resource, Internet conference, Web conference,

Business People Figures

Nowdays business people’s figures are most favourite vector illustrations among presenters and designers. It is easy to make them and use, but they can make your graphics look really good looking & eye catching.

Just check ConceptDraw business perople figusers pictures, you will see all kinds of silhouetes: Staff, Employed workers, Persons and Groups symbols.

Best popular vector pictures are: men, dancing people, business man.

Use human contours wise and it will help you to tell main idea of your design message.
The vector stencils library "Business people clipart" contains 12 clipart images of business people.
"A businessperson (plural businesspeople) is a business professional; especially one with a senior position (such as a corporate executive).
Gender-specific names for a businessperson are businessman and businesswoman. ...
An extraordinarily wealthy or powerful businessperson is called a business magnate or tycoon." [Businessperson. Wikipedia]
The clip art example "Business people clipart - Vector stencils library" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO software extended with the Business and Finance solution from the Illustration area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. solution-park/ illustrations-business-finance
Negotiations, negotiations,
Round-table discussion
Round-table discussion, round-table, discussion,
Business meeting
Business meeting, business meeting, meeting,
Presentation, presentation,
Reporting, reporting,
Overcharge, overcharge,
Department, department,
Manager, manager,
Stakeholder, stakeholder,
Investor, investor,
Shareholder, shareholder,
Customer, customer,
The vector stencils library "Business people pictograms" contains 27 business people pictograms, contact icons and collaboration symbols.
"An ideogram or ideograph ... is a graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept. Some ideograms are comprehensible only by familiarity with prior convention; others convey their meaning through pictorial resemblance to a physical object, and thus may also be referred to as pictograms." [Ideogram. Wikipedia]
The example "Business people pictograms - Vector stencils library" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO software extended with the Business and Finance solution from the Illustration area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. solution-park/ illustrations-business-finance
Negotiations, negotiations,
Phone talks
Phone talks, phone talks,
Private meeting
Private meeting, private meeting,
Internet conference
Internet conference, Internet conference, Web conference,
Correspondence, correspondence,
Bridging, bridging,
Signing of a contract
Signing of a contract, signing, contract,
Discussion of an agreement
Discussion of an agreement, discussion, agreement,
Personal calculation
Personal calculation, personal calculation,
Cooperation, cooperation,
Staff, staff, personnel, panel, manpower,
Human resource
Human resource, human resource,
Available resource
Available resource, available, resource,
Employed worker
Employed worker, employed worker,
Underloaded resource
Underloaded resource, underloaded resource,
Overdriven resource
Overdriven resource, overdriven resource,
Resource allocation
Resource allocation, resource allocation,
Company, company,
Partner company
Partner company, partner company,
Workgroup, workgroup,
Conference, conference,
Report, report,
Presentation, presentation,
Speech, speech,
Exhibition, exhibition,
Interview, interview,
Rally, rally,