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The vector stencils library "IVR Internet" contains 36 interactive voice response (IVR) Internet and web icons.
Use it to design your IVR diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software.
The vector stencils library "IVR Internet" is included in the Interactive Voice Response Diagrams solution from the Computer and Networks area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Cloud, cloud,
Cloud connection
Cloud connection, cloud connection,
Cloud data exchange
Cloud data exchange, cloud data exchange,
Cloud download
Cloud download, cloud download,
Cloud network
Cloud network, cloud network,
Cloud synchronization
Cloud synchronization, cloud synchronization,
Cloud upload
Cloud upload, cloud upload,
Email contacts
Email contacts, email contacts,
Flag, flag,
Geolocation, geolocation,
Global network
Global network, global network,
Hyperlink, hyperlink,
Internet, internet,
Message, message,
Messenger, messenger,
Mobile cloud computing
Mobile cloud computing, mobile cloud computing,
News, news,
Photos, photos,
Social contacts
Social contacts, social contacts,
Social network
Social network, social network,
Synchronization, synchronization,
User profile
User profile, user profile,
Video, video,
Video player
Video player, video player,
WWW, www,
Web, web,
Webmail, webmail,
Web access
Web access, web access,
Web browser
Web browser, web browser,
Web help
Web help, web help,
Webpage, webpage,
Web page
Web page, web page,
Web security
Web security, web security,
Web traffic
Web traffic, web traffic,
Wireless Web access
Wireless Web access, wireless Web access,
The 3D pictorial street maps are used as road maps, route maps, locator maps, transit maps, directional maps, tourist maps with points of interest (POI).
"A point of interest, or POI, is a specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting. ...
Most consumers use the term when referring to hotels, campsites, fuel stations or any other categories used in modern (automotive) navigation systems. ...
The term is widely used in cartography, especially in electronic variants including GIS, and GPS navigation software. In this context the synonym waypoint is common.
A GPS point of interest specifies, at minimum, the latitude and longitude of the POI, assuming a certain map datum. A name or description for the POI is usually included, and other information such as altitude or a telephone number may also be attached. GPS applications typically use icons to represent different categories of POI on a map graphically." [Point of interest. Wikipedia]
The example "3D pictorial street map" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Directional Maps solution from the Maps area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
3D pictorial street map
3D pictorial street map, tree, signal light, lights, traffic light, road, mini shop, food stall, house, cottage, house, grocery store, supermarket, garage, fir tree, crosswalks, cottage, corner, car, bus,