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Value Stream Mapping and Analysis

The new Value Stream Mapping solution found in the ConceptDraw Solution Park continues to extend the range of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM into a business graphics tool that can be used to document processes in all organizations. This graphical representation of a process is a powerful tool for the Value stream analysis of process efficiency. Many lean practitioners use Value Stream Mapping as a fundamental tool to identify waste, cut process cycle times, and implement process improvement.

Value Stream Mapping and Analysis *

Pic.1 Template - VSM diagram.

Value Stream Maps are used in lean methodology for analysis of manufacturing process and identification of the improvement opportunities.

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Lean Value Stream Mapping →

Value Stream Mapping solution assists practitioners of Lean Manufacturing in building Value Stream Mapping representations of processes.Lean Value Stream Mapping *
Picture: Lean Value Stream Mapping
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Lean Value Stream →

ConceptDraw Value Stream Mapping is a Lean Manufacturing tool that uses a flow diagram to document in great detail every step of a manufacturing process.Lean Value Stream *
Picture: Lean Value Stream
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Value Stream Mapping Tool →

Value Stream Mapping solution extends ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software with tools for drawing Value Stream Maps (VSM): templates, samples and library of vector stencils.Value Stream Mapping Tool *
Picture: Value Stream Mapping Tool
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