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The Secret Weapon: Evernote

ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Capture What You Think, Do What You Plan

The Secret Weapon: Evernote and ConceptDraw MINDMAP . They have a multitude of the options — you can save any part of a mind map: including topics, branches, and entire maps to your Evernote. With the launch of Evernote Business in December 2012 users able to use our Note Exchange solution to share mindmaps and mindmap data across your entire organization. It has never been easier to run meetings with map formatted agendas and  launch projects.

The Secret Weapon: Evernote *

Pic 1. Product proposal documents expanded mindmap.

With a comprehensive list of platforms supported for the Evernote client (plus the option of web access of Evernote-based content) gives users access to important MINDMAP documents virtually on anything. With ConceptDraw MINDMAP Note Exchange Solution, users can upload to Evernote a single topic, selected topics, branch or branches (topics with subtopics), a whole single page mind map, or the entire multi-page document.

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A concept map is a way of representing relationships between ideas, images, or words. How to draw a Concept Map quick, easy and effective? ConceptDraw DIAGRAM offers the unique Concept Maps Solution from the "Diagrams" Area that will help you!Concept Map *
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