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Scrum board

A Scrum board is an integral part of the Scrum methodology which helps the teams effectively manage the product development and lets visually represent all necessary tasks. A Scrum board allows systemize the tasks which are needed to do, which are doing and done, it helps to distribute the tasks between the teams and effectively execute collaboration between them.

ConceptDraw diagramming and vector drawing software extended with SCRUM Workflow solution from the Project Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park is an ideal scrum tool and powerful software for creating pictorial and professional-looking Scrum board for easy tracking the workflow, for facilitating daily synchronization and productivity improvement.

Scrum board *

Example 1. Scrum Board in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM /p>

Scrum board allows the teams to manage the product development on all stage - from the start to project. SCRUM Workflow Solution offers 8 libraries with 276 vector objects for designing the Scrum board without efforts:

  • Scrum Charts
  • Scrum Diagrams
  • Scrum People
  • Scrum Artifacts
  • Scrum Workflow
  • Scrum Clipart
  • Scrum Workspace
  • Scrum Arrows

Scrum Diagrams Design Elements

Example 2. Scrum Diagrams Design Elements

Thanks to ConceptDraw export and import tools, you can easily collaborate with your team/ Now each member of your team can view your Scrum board and make the changes, if needed, even if it hasn't installed ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

Scrum Board Suggesting to Use Kanban

Example 3. Scrum Board Suggesting to Use Kanban

This sample was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software using the SCRUM Workflow Solution and demonstrates colorful Scrum Board about using Kanban, which is a methodology of a work on the task from the beginning to end without setting the terms of execution. An experienced user spent 5 minutes creating this sample.

Use the SCRUM Workflow Solution for ConceptDraw Solution Park to create your own professional looking Scrum board fast, easy and effective.

All source documents are vector graphic documents. They are available for reviewing, modifying, or converting to a variety of formats (PDF file, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, and many other graphic formats) from the ConceptDraw STORE. The SCRUM Workflow Solution is available for all ConceptDraw DIAGRAM users.


Aircraft - Design Elements →

The vector stencils library Aircraft contains clipart of aerospace objects, transportation vehicles, office buildings, and ancillary facilities for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and vector drawing software.Aircraft - Design Elements *
Picture: Aircraft - Design Elements
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Sprint Backlog →

Use Sprint Backlog to visualize the Sprint Backlog.Sprint Backlog *
Picture: Sprint Backlog
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How To Create a Workflow Diagram →

A workflow diagram is less general notation than a process flow diagram. Workflow as a term can apply to organizational process which involves people, resources, documents, sort of data, for instance; whereas a process is general collection of steps occuring in any sort of activity. That is why process flow diagram can be used as workflow diagram to describe business process, data flow or department interactions. The fastest way to create a workflow diagram is using pre-designed workflow template. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM with the Workflow Diagrams solution delivers rich set of workflow diagram templates you may start from.How To Create a Workflow Diagram *
Picture: How To Create a Workflow Diagram
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Wiring Diagrams with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM →

It is important to have an electrical circuits scheme, when you plan a renovation or move to a new apartment. You have to arrange interior according to that plan, and it’s trouble-free to create wiring diagrams with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM , furthermore, this software has all the features needed to create an interior plan as well. So, get inspired by tons of examples included to ConceptDraw DIAGRAM solutions, and start your diagramming experience! A wiring diagrams, that are represented on this drawing was created to depict the components of the electrical circuit schemes. These diagrams are created to depict the information about circuit arrangements and connections. Wiring diagrams, in contrast to physical drawings, use standard symbol's notation to depict different circuit devices and connections. That is why, wiring diagrams are applied to discover and repair electrical and electronic circuits. The vector graphic objects provided by ConceptDraw Electrical Engineering solution can help any specialist in electric engineering to design electrical schemes, circuit and wiring plans, power systems charts, and Maintenance and Repair diagrams.Wiring Diagrams with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
Picture: Wiring Diagrams with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
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