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Sales KPI Dashboards

Sales Dashboard Solution

The Sales Dashboard Solution gives users the ability to use live data to drive KPI dashboards that show sales performance in a wide variety of graphs. KPI Dashboards allow users to capture and report specific data points from sales department within the organization, thus providing a "snapshot" of performance.

Sales KPI Dashboards *

Pic. 1. Sales KPIs Dashboard Sample


Business Process Flowchart Symbols →

Diagramming is an astonishing way to visualize business processes. The list of the most common business process flowchart symbols is quite long starting from basic flowcharts, continuing with SIPOC diagrams. Business process modeling was never easier than now, with special ConceptDraw Business Process Mapping solution. To carry out all professional standard requirements for business processes mapping, it is necessarily to follow the special graphical notations. ConceptDraw Business Process Mapping solution offers an exhaustive suite of tools to aid business process mapping. There are three vector libraries SIPOC Diagrams, Business Process Flowcharts, and Swim Lanes that contains totally more than 50 symbols of standard BPM notations. This is all that professionals need to effectively evaluate and manage quality in business processes.Business Process Flowchart Symbols *
Picture: Business Process Flowchart Symbols
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