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How to Design a Garden

You are landscape designer and dream about powerful drawing software to quickly represent your design ideas on the screen and on the paper? Each time you ask yourself a question "How to design a garden fast and easy?". You want to automate creating of landscape and garden plans? ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Landscape & Garden Solution from the Building Plans Area will help you!

How to Design a Garden *

Example 1. How to design a garden?

How to design a garden in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM It's very easy. You need:

  • create new document,
  • drag the desired vector shapes from the numerous libraries of Landscape & Garden Solution and arrange them,
  • you can also use the objects from the other solutions, to add for example the house on your plan,
  • you can add the legend to explain the applied symbols, if needed.

Landscape & Garden Solution in ConceptDraw STORE

Example 2. Landscape & Garden Solution in ConceptDraw STORE

Another way of easy drawing is to start with one of predesigned samples offered in ConceptDraw STORE.

Moresque Garden

Example 3. Moresque Garden

This sample was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM using the Landscape & Garden Solution and shows the detailed design plan for the garden in moresque style, with all plants, trees, flowers and ponds. This sample was included in Landscape & Garden Solution, you can find and use it from ConceptDraw STORE. An experienced user spent 25 minutes creating this sample.

Now you know how to design a garden in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software quick and easy. Draw your design plans with pleasure using the Landscape & Garden Solution for ConceptDraw Solution Park.

All source documents are vector graphic documents. They are available for reviewing, modifying, or converting to a variety of formats (PDF file, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, and many other graphic formats) from the ConceptDraw STORE. The Landscape & Garden Solution is available for all ConceptDraw DIAGRAM or later users.


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