Export from ConceptDraw MINDMAP to Evernote

The Note Exchange solution lets you to publish content from ConceptDraw MINDMAP to your Evernote account. To use it, you will need ConceptDraw MINDMAP or later and the Note Exchange solution installed.

You can send to Evernote entire document or a mind map and a branch or a topic only.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP example - How to organize your own art show

Pic. 1. ConceptDraw MINDMAP example — How to organize your own art show.

Pic. 2. A document exported from ConceptDraw MINDMAP to Evernote.

Using ConceptDraw MINDMAP with Note Exchange solution installed you can organize and manage your Notebooks quickly and easily.

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    The Mind Map Evernote Possibilities

    It makes it easy to share your notes with coworkers, associates, classmates, and friends.Mindmap - Expo ideas
    Picture: The Mind Map Evernote Possibilities
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    How To Create Restaurant Floor Plan in Minutes

    As restaurant industry is growing rapidly nowadays, researches show that almost half of the adults have worked in a restaurant or a cafe. Moreover, many of them dream to start their own someday. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to write a business plan and to find a great location, although some know how to create a restaurant floor plan in minutes or how to plan budget effortlessly. Hiring employees can also cause a lot of headache, but this is crucial for further success, because every guest comes to restaurant for a good service and delicious food. It is also worth noting that restaurant concept is also important, because it defines target audience and influences the menu. This diagram represents the floor plan of an ongoing sports-theme establishment - restaurant, cafe, or other food service. A number of widescreen monitors installed along the perimeter provide visitors the opportunity to follow the course of a match from anywhere in the dining room of restaurant or cafe. The most of sports fans believe that food and alcohol is a big part of any sports show. That is why the dining room takes the most space - almost 60% of the total establishment space. Nearly all sports fans consume beverages while watching sports - beer, soda or water at least. Thus, the restaurant floor plan designers added a large lavatory there. Moreover, project developers considered unnecessary the gender division of such delicate place - perhaps they guess that only men are watching football, or believe that alcohol will eliminate the most of gender differences.Design  Restaurant Floor Plans
    Picture: How To Create Restaurant Floor Plan in Minutes
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    How To Organize Your Own Art Show

    To plan any event, including your first art exhibit, just organize the details of the plan in ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 and then send it to Evernote to guide the preparation.How To Organize Your Own Art Show
    Picture: How To Organize Your Own Art Show
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