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DES Network. Computer and Network Examples

The Data Encryption Standard (DES) is a symmetric-key algorithm for the encryption of the electronic data.

The encryption is an important issue for any organization, it allows to safely keep, handle and transmit the sensitive data through the local network, wireless network or the Internet. The encryption applies the key to the plain text and converts it into the ciphertext. The ciphertext at that looks like the set of the random characters.

The key is a mathematical algorithm known only to the sender and the recipient of the message. The applying of the key to the ciphertext will convert it back to the plain text - it is the decryption process.

This diagram was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM using the Computer and Networks Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park and shows how the encryption and access control work together to secure data.

DES Network. Computer and Network Examples *

Example 1. DES network.

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