Project Reports — Costs, Monthly

Throughout the whole project’s life cycle with a goal of its successful implementation, the assessment of project running and progress in comparing to plan is performed, as well as the cost analysis is conducted. The analysis of costs and expenses takes a leading role in other types of project analysis and is carried out at all stages of project implementation. The project costs are determined by the values of costs of project resources and time of work execution. If the project is not controlled and the proper managing of costs is not conducted, then it will most likely be out of control and beyond the allocated budget. The reports are the most convenient and commonly used method of valuation the project cost and its compliance with the allocated budget. They are documents which main purpose is the regular monitoring of project implementation in order to keep it under control and achieve the ultimate goal in a defined period not going beyond the budget and with gaining the expected profit.

The financial reports on the project fully reflect the cash flow during the project implementation, the costs for its execution and profit, and accordingly they allow increasing the effectiveness of a given project, controlling the cost and identifying the current cost overrun, in case of its existence. Upon the detection of any failures in the process of project implementation, the complex of actions aimed at decreasing the occurred deviations from a plan is developed and applied. The promptly taken corrective actions allow achieving the main project objectives in time with high probability and with expected profit. Besides, it is convenient to use the specialized software when planning, managing and analyzing the process of project execution, its results and progress.

Project Reports — Costs, Monthly

Pic 1. Project Reports — Costs, Monthly

ConceptDraw PROJECT software from the ConceptDraw Office suite gives you an excellent opportunity to plan and manage the projects, as well as generate a wide variety of report sets in just one click. The “Costs, monthly” group of report templates is a great time saver for any project manager. It is available from the Reports drop-down menu on the Reports toolbar and assists in creating the following three types of reports:

  • Cash flow on projects
  • Cash flow on resources
  • Cash flow on tasks

The reports for the project's cost during the period reported, which are generated by ConceptDraw PROJECT and then opened in Microsoft Excel, give us a clear picture of the project status in comparing with a plan. These reports can effectively help in making important commercial decisions for a given project.

The “Cash flow on projects” item allows generating a report with a table view of daily expenses per project during one month. All types of resources assigned to the tasks are taken into consideration for everyday cost calculation. Each project from the multi-project is placed on its own sheet in a report, you can also customize the reporting period.

The “Cash flow on resources” item produces the table of daily labor expenses per employee during one month, for each project from the multi-project on a separate sheet. This report is generated only for work resources. You can also change the reporting period from the default to any other. The “Cash flow on tasks” item allows reporting the table of daily expenses per task during one month for each project. This report contains the data according to all resources types, i.e. work and material resources. The reporting period can be set differently from the default, in case of multi-project each project will be represented on a separate sheet.

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