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In issues relating to medicine, health, treatment of various diseases there always appear two main personalities - a doctor and a patient. That is why when it comes to the medical illustrations, infographics or diagrams, one of the symbols the most often encountered on them is a doctor symbol, along with such well-known medical symbols as a Rod of Asclepius represented in a form of a stick around which a snake is wrapped with its head up and named so in an honor of the medicine’s keeper Asclepius that was famous for his abilities to resurrect the dead, a Bowl of Hygela where the snake is a symbol of the wisdom, knowledge, and immortality, and the bowl is a vessel for storing the snake’s healing poison, a Caduceus that is an emblem of commerce and medicine, and is depicted in a form of a crosier with wings and entwined by two snakes, the Star of Life represented in a form of blue snowflake, sometimes with a Rod of Asclepius in a middle, also the Red Cross, Red Crescent and many other emblems.

As regards to the symbol of a doctor, it is so ancient as a humanity itself, although its looks have varied over the centuries. The first illustrations of the doctors, healers, shamans, those who saved people from different diseases and epidemics, are found in the rock art of the Paleolithic era, where they take the form of animals and are endowed with magical abilities. The medicine of Ancient Greece is associated with the God of medicine Asclepius and the great physician Hippocrates, who more than two thousand years ago became the founder of the principle of an individual approach to the patient, of a specific assessment of his health and its state. He is also considered to be the creator of a large number of works in a field of surgery.

The Renaissance period witnesses the first portraits of such famous physicians as Paracelsus and Andreas Vesalius. Many artists of the XVIIIth century depict a doctor as a man enlightened, prominent and respected, the others separate and represent a city doctor as an illiterate, trickster or even charlatan, while a rural doctor as a professional. It also strikes the comicality of illustration the wandering doctors and dentists, causing the terrible pain to their patients. At the beginning of the XIXth century, the human figure of a doctor first appears with a full clarity, the artists of romantic era portrayed a doctor in an idealized manner: during the process of a research, when teaching the practical skills to the students, listening to the patients, encouraging them, inspiring on the healing. The realistic painting made a revolution in a manner of depicting physicians and at the end of the century, there were common the portraits of doctors describing their professional activities. In the painting of the XXth century, the figure of a family doctor can already be seen as the one having excellent manners and striving to maintain the health, from that time the doctors’ actively make the prescriptions and their helpers became the pills, injections, and other kinds of drugs.

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The living systems, including human, are so complex in general that their detailed textual description does not allow to easily perceive the information. And then there come to the aid the illustrations that can clearly and unambiguously reflect the structure and mechanisms of functioning of any biological system. Since the ancient times, the doctors, physicians, and naturalists made the sketches and diagrams of the structure of a human body, animals, and plants, and since the times of Andreas Vezalia the illustrations became a very important tool in the training and work of the scientists, doctors and other health workers.

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Internal Medicine Illustration using the Doctor Symbols

Today, the medical illustrations are rarely created by hand, mostly they are designed with a special drawing software in an electronic form, such as the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM enhanced with Medical Illustrations solution and including a lot of predesigned medical clipart, symbols and pictograms, pre-made samples and examples.

Health Professionals

Health Professionals

Use the ConceptDraw's Medical Illustrations solution to create attractive medical illustrations for use in interiors of the medical facilities, in medical books and other educational materials, medical documentation, medical advertisements, professional magazines and videos that help to tell people about newest medical procedures, in design of the websites of hospitals and clinics, as well as their pages on social networks, etc.

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