Agile Project Management Methodology

Agile project management methodology is known as simply the one that breaks down projects into smaller pieces. These pieces can be completed in work sessions in the design phase to quality assurance and testing. The most popular Agile development method is known as Scrum.

Scrum can be described as a lightweight agile project management framework that has garnered increasing popularity in the agile software development. With broad applicability for controlling and managing the incremental and iterative projects of all types, scrum can prove productivity as well as an ability to act as a wrapper for different engineering practices. Such practices may be also promoted by other agile methodologies. Due to its simplicity, Scrum methodology can allow the “Product Owner” to work closely with the team in order to prioritize the identified system functionality.

As scrum methodology has been proven to scale to multiple teams across large companies having more than 800 people working for. Being one of the agile methodologies, scrum was designed to guide the teams in the incremental delivery of a product. It may be often referred to be called an agile project management framework, being focused on the use of an empirical process. The last-mentioned process allows teams to respond efficiently, effectively and rapidly in order to change the needed information.

Scrum fixes both cost and time in order to control requirements by using collaborative ceremonies, a prioritized product backlog, frequent feedback cycles and time boxes. The business’s involvement throughout the project is critical for Scrum as it relies on the collaboration between the customer (or his/her representative) and the team to manage to create the right product.

Agile is simply a project management methodology that uses short development cycles. Such cycles are called “sprints”. They are used for focusing on continuous improvement in the development of some service or product. The Agile methodology is known for enabling the teams to release the needed segments. It can be done once the last-mentioned are already completed. This schedule allows teams to demonstrate that the mentioned segments are successful. Unless they are successful, they have to fix the flaws quickly. It is known to help reduce the chance of large-scale failures.

Agile Project Management Methodology

Pic 1. Sprint Burn Down

There are key principles that guide agile project management. They include customer satisfaction which is always the key priority that can be achieved through continuous as well as rapid delivery. Also, a service or a product is expected to be delivered with higher frequency; developers and stakeholders are expected to collaborate closely on a daily basis having team members remained motivated for optimal project outcomes. The teams, by the way, are expected to be provided with all the necessary tools and the needed support, so they can be trusted to accomplish the project goals.

The face-to-face meetings are important to have, being treated as the most efficient and effective for any project success. A final working product can be described as the ultimate measure of success. Agility should be enhanced by focusing on both proper design and technical excellence and simplicity can be seen as an essential element of this process. The self-organizing teams are known to be most likely to develop the best designs and architectures in order to meet requirements. The regular intervals can be always used by teams for improving the efficiency through the proper behaviors.

Agile Project Management may be described as one of the approaches for planning and guiding multiple projects’ processes. An Agile project is known to be completed in small sections called “iterations”. In Agile Software Development, an iteration may be referred to a single development cycle. Each of the sections can be reviewed as well as critiqued by the project team. The last-mentioned should include the representatives of the project's stakeholders.

The Agile Project Management says the methodology delivers many different benefits that include more efficient use of resources, the rapid deployment of solutions, greater flexibility, greater adaptability to changing needs, increased collaboration with users and products, more rapid detection of problems, etc.

The ConceptDraw PROJECT application was developed by CS Odessa team to offer their clients the full-featured project management tool. This tool delivers all the needed features in order to successfully plan and execute your projects. The mentioned features include task management, reporting, resource management, and change control.

Agile Project Management Methodology

Pic 2. ConceptDraw PROJECT — Agile Project Management Software

This product’s integration with other ConceptDraw tools (the ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw DIAGRAM ones) allows improving project management activity as a whole. By leveraging the power of data visualization and mind mapping, the ConceptDraw PROJECT application intends to help but not to delay getting the needed results.

The unique Multi-project Dashboard allows the process of managing the multiple projects from one file to be completed within only a few minutes. The mutual multi-project resource pool allows organizing the resources’ usage efficiently and effectively.

Being a multi-project manager, you can get the professional help from ConceptDraw PROJECT in order to manage resources over multiple projects from one particular place in case you have this unique, modern and convenient application. Viewing the resource assignments of tasks through all the projects and identifying the resource overload areas in projects is possible no matter what agile project management methodology is being used with ConceptDraw PROJECT

Manage all the changes that need to be done in a project in a quick way by completing the traditional tabular project reports. Report the project dashboards and mind maps with the help of the Project Dashboard that consolidates all the current information onto one screen. Get this powerful application in order to have a visual view of a project, enabling you to share and monitor the project status on the constant basis.

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