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Mind Mapping is a powerful technique of creation Mind Maps, which increases your efficiency in several times. Invented by english psychologist Tony Buzan, this technology is now widespread wherever you need to work with information. It allows to solve the problems faster and more efficiently, to find the links, to organize, to memorize, to store and to reproduce all necessary. It allows to transform the information into a form easy for working. Mind Map activates both hemispheres of a brain, lets create a tree structure of ideas to see the whole picture. Mind mapping is a simple and intuitive way to quickly clarify a complex concept, to decompose it into the component parts. The range of applications of Mind Map technique is extremely extensive. Education, business, psychology, this is a small part of them, and even cooking, in which Mind Map allows to clearly expound the recipe, to display in details, with images and without extra words the ingredients, their quantities and order of adding to make some dish (cake, salad, hamburger, etc.). You can also provide detailed cooking instructions and even historical note about the origin of the recipe and display them beside the map. Read more

Mind Map Food

ConceptDraw MINDMAP from ConceptDraw Office suite is versatile, powerful and at the same time easy-to-use tool for brainstorming, project planning, organizing ideas and data, meeting management, note taking, etc. It lets quickly create the Mind Maps that intuitively illustrate the thought process and offers for using wide variety of document styles and formats. ConceptDraw MINDMAP delivers its users the perfect possibility of exporting constructed Mind Maps, of easy making MS PowerPoint presentations from the Mind Maps, of publishing the images and maps to Twitter and creating the illustrated tweet story. ConceptDraw MINDMAP application offers the powerful tools for designing the maps for any thematic, including the cooking. You can visually represent any recipe, the needed ingredients and steps of preparation some dishes, tell about the recipe's history, compose the menu for day, week, month, depict the basic information about any cuisine in the world. It is convenient to use the possibility of easy making different Mind Maps when making the menu for restaurants, cafes, fast food factories, etc. Read more

Mind Mapping in the Quality Management

ConceptDraw MINDMAP has a addition to the ConceptDraw Solution Park that provides a creative approach to visualizing quality processes, Quality Mind Map Solution. Read more

Mind Map Making Software

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a powerful Mind Map making software, effective business and personal productivity application, which provides professional tools for thinking, brainstorming, generating and organizing ideas and data, for project planning, problem solving and many other tasks. ConceptDraw MINDMAP possess power, economy, and versatility, which help to raise personnel and team productivity. ConceptDraw MINDMAP allows you effectively generate, change, and update the Mind Maps. It provides variety of input and output solutions that allow create, change and share the Mind Maps quickly, simply and effectively. The use of desired Input template lets you create your own Mind Map in one moment. Discover today wide output and input capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP. It lets to input the data from MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Project, XMind, MindManager, OPML and Text Outline sources, and also output your Mind Maps to MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Project, save as PDF, Web-page, Text Outline, RTF, OPML, or image. Read more