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"Freestyle skiing is a form of skiing which originally encompassed three disciplines: aerials, moguls, and ski ballet. Today, freestyle skiing consists of aerial, moguls, skicross, boardercross, Ski half-pipe, Snowboard half-pipe and Slopestyle and have become part of the Olympics. ...
The International Ski Federation (FIS) recognized freestyle as a sport in 1979 and brought in new regulations regarding certification of athletes and jump techniques in an effort to curb the dangerous elements of the competitions. The first World Cup series was staged in 1980 and the first World Championships took place in 1986 in Tignes, France. Freestyle skiing was a demonstration event at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. Mogul skiing was added as an official medal event at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, and the aerials event was added for the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. ...
Currently there are two main branches of freestyle skiing: one encompassing the more traditional events of moguls and aerials, and a newer branch often called new school, comprising events such as halfpipe, big air, slopestyle, and big mountain or free-skiing. Freeskiing shares characteristics with street skateboarding, BMX, and inline skating. New school skiing has grown so much that new ski companies were created, companies that strictly make twin-tip skis — skis that are designed for taking off and landing "fakie", or "switch" (backwards) on jumps and rails." [Freestyle skiing. Wikipedia]
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"Freestyle skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park near Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. The ten events are scheduled for February 6–21, 2014.
Women's moguls;
Men's moguls;
Women's slopestyle;
Men's slopestyle;
Women's aerials;
Men's aerials;
Men's halfpipe;
Men's ski cross;
Women's halfpipe;
Women's ski cross.
A total of 282 quota spots are available to athletes to compete at the games. A maximum of 26 athletes can be entered by a National Olympic Committee, with a maximum of 14 men or 14 women. The five different events have different quota amounts allocated to them." [Freestyle skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Wikipedia]
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