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Response to Complaint


Being successful in business is about meeting your defined objectives and adapting to changes occurring in the global market. The ability for an organization to successful adapt to a rapidly changing environment leads to continued growth and success. Failure to adapt, leads to stakeholder disappointment and eventually to extinction if an organization cannot adjust to the situation.

Many organizations, who at one time in their history flourished, have been known to flounder because of loss of direction and vision. Keeping an organization moving forward requires strong collaborative team work to transition an organization from one stage to the next in its life cycle. Mistakes in strategy or implementation today are punishing when your team fails to correctly identify an early opportunity. Early opportunities not acted on cease to be success possibilities.

Social Media Response

The Social Media Response solution provides an interactive flow chart with action mind map templates to help to create an effective response to applicable social media mentions.


The Social Media Response solution helps to organize the process of response for interactions occuring in social media. The Social Media Response solution provides the means to respond to social media mentions quickly and professionally. This tool keeps the entire team on the same page allowing you to realize your social media strategy, improve the quality of your answers, and minimize the time it takes to respond.


Interactive tool helps you find the appropriate response to social media mentions quickly.

Solution Purpose

Give quick and professional responses to social media mentions. Present workflow to team. Train employees. Accumulate knowledge and experience.

Intended For

Social media strategists, online marketing agencies, internet entrepreneurs, bloggers, social media consultants, startup groups using online promotion, sales people, technical support, PR professionals, trainers/coaches.

Products and methods

The Social Media Response solution delivers an innovative combination of interactive flow charts and action mind maps to help you boost your social media succes

This action mindmap helps to respond to customer complaints and quickly composes short or long response messages. The example contains ready to use response phrases organized into a mindmap for quick composing and tweeting/posting of response messages.

Response to Complaint *

Example 1. Response to Complaint

Export to Outline

Response to a Complaint
    • Objective
      • Generate a positive attitude to the product / service among the target audience.
    • Primary Messages
      • Acknowledging receipt of a complaint post
        • Thank you for your post of … regarding …
      • A short explanation of the fault
        • Introductory phrase
          • As a result of our investigation, we found that...
        • Causes
          • The error was due to …
          • The cause of the mistake was …
        • Effects
          • As a result …
          • This led to …
        • Solutions
          • We have changed our ...
          • To prevent re-occurrences we have set up a verification procedure.
        • Assurances
          • We have put a process in place to remedy this issue
      • Investigation to be made
        • We are currently investigating the cause of ...
      • An offer to take goods back, make a replacement, give a discount etc.
        • We have dispatched the new items by express courier. They should arrive by Tuesday, 30 August 2011.
        • To show our goodwill, we would like to offer you a 10% discount on your next order with us.
      • Dissatisfaction message
        • While we can understand your frustration, ...
      • Complaint resolution
        • I regret to inform you that …
        • I am afraid that …
      • Reasons for the rejection message
        • This is due to the fact that the guarantee period has expired.
      • If a third party (person or company) is to blame, direct the customer to that party
        • We suggest that you contact...
      • A concluding paragraph aimed at retaining customer goodwill
        • We look forward to receiving your future orders, and assure you that they will be filled correctly.
    • Good Additions
      • We appreciate your business.
      • Please come back and try us again.
      • Customer opinion keeps us on our toes.
      • Thank you for caring enough to tell us.
      • Again, thank you for the valuable feedback.
      • Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention.
      • Thank you for your post on August 12th.
      • We look forward to continuing to serve you.
    • Examples
      • I regret to inform you that we cannot take responsibility for this occurence.
      • This is because the item was on sale, and therefore refunds and returns are not permitted.
      • This was caused by an unexpected malfunction.
      • We have dispatched the new items.
      • We understand how disappointing it can be when your expectations are not met.
      • We appreciate your post suggesting a “less confusing” format for our sales catalog.
      • We have directed our sales department to consider your concerns for the next issue.
      • Thank you for your post regarding the service you received at our Online Store.

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