Promoting Restaurant


Being successful in business is about meeting your defined objectives and adapting to changes occurring in the global market. The ability for an organization to successful adapt to a rapidly changing environment leads to continued growth and success. Failure to adapt, leads to stakeholder disappointment and eventually to extinction if an organization cannot adjust to the situation.

Many organizations, who at one time in their history flourished, have been known to flounder because of loss of direction and vision. Keeping an organization moving forward requires strong collaborative team work to transition an organization from one stage to the next in its life cycle. Mistakes in strategy or implementation today are punishing when your team fails to correctly identify an early opportunity. Early opportunities not acted on cease to be success possibilities.



Provide Twitter users with excellent tool that boosts value of tweets and helps to invent well formulated thrilling tweets folded to consistent tweet story that compel people to read, revise, follow and retweet.

Solution Purpose

Brainstorming and organizing tweet ideas. Presenting and discussing tweet plans. Building the chain of well-thought-out tweets.

Intended For

All Twitter users.


MindTweet solution gives the ability to brainstorm, review and send tweets. You can estimate tweets, visually structure tweets by categories, mark tweets with icons or priorities, add notes for future. There are tools allow to consider tweet map with colleagues using impressive dynamic presentation of sent tweets and tweets you are going to send, discuss ideas for future tweets, key words and get team conclusion about the whole tweet plan. As a result you get a consistent story which you can tweet step by step on your schedule.

Products and methods

MindTweet solution discovers for Twitter users variety of mind mapping tools, which are exceptionally suitable for creating consistent tweet story.

A mindmap illustrating a new restaurant's Twitter campaign.

Promoting Restaurant

Example 1. Promoting Restaurant

Export to Outline

Twitter Campaign of Steak Bistro
    • Fantastic beef
      • Grilled Steaks. #SteakBistro
      • Broiled and Pan-Seared Steaks. #SteakBistro
      • Grilled Lime-Cilantro Beef Chuck Steak, Balsamic Marinated Steak. #SteakBistro
      • Come for the steak. Stay for the world-class desserts. #SteakBistro
    • World-class desserts
      • Discover the taste of delicious sweets and desserts. #SteakBistro
      • 15 Cheese cakes. #SteakBistro
      • 12 Puddings. #SteakBistro
      • Pie of the Day. #SteakBistro
      • Top 50 Ice Cream Flavors. #SteakBistro
      • 10 Crepes. #SteakBistro
    • Menu addresses all diets
      • Just 24 hours until we open THE most original dining experience #SteakBistro
      • Italian and Greek Cuisine. #SteakBistro
      • Spanish and French Cuisine. #SteakBistro
    • Great service
      • Try the dish, then order. #SteakBistro
      • Online and phone reservation. #SteakBistro
      • Discount cards for regulars. #SteakBistro
    • Friendly environment
      • We are good listeners. #SteakBistro
      • Children's playroom at #SteakBistro
      • Want to impress that special someone? Bring them to #SteakBistro
    • Highly visible symbol
      • When you see the painted bull, you’ll know you’ve reached your destiny #SteakBistro
      • Gift T-shirts with the painted bull for the first 10 visitors of #SteakBistro
      • Free bumper sticker of our painted bull. #SteakBistro
    • Great for dates, friends or business acquaintances
      • New adventure in dining, grand opening this weekend! #SteakBistro
      • Banquet hall for 100 people #SteakBistro
      • Special rates for corporate events #SteakBistro

The Benefits for ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 Brainstorming Software

  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 is effective for brainstorming, designing mind maps, idea generating, creative and lateral thinking, creativity and problem solving.
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 is ideal for team and personal work in Business, Marketing and Project Management.
  • The libraries with large quantity of vector objects help to illustrate your mind maps and to make them bright, visual and comprehensible.
  • Use of View Navigator tool lets create presentations from a mind map: you can simply select the map parts you want to present, sequence your slides, and preview the presentation.
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 provides wide capabilities of importing and exporting in various formats: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, MS Excel, Mindjet MindManager, image, HTML, PDF file.

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Export from ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 to PowerPoint® Presentation

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 extended with Presentation Exchange solution allows you to create a traditional PowerPoint Presentation from your mind maps.Export from ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 to PowerPoint
Picture: Export from ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 to PowerPoint® Presentation

How To Create Restaurant Floor Plan in Minutes

As restaurant industry is growing rapidly nowadays, researches show that almost half of the adults have worked in a restaurant or a cafe. Moreover, many of them dream to start their own someday. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to write a business plan and to find a great location, although some know how to create a restaurant floor plan in minutes or how to plan budget effortlessly. Hiring employees can also cause a lot of headache, but this is crucial for further success, because every guest comes to restaurant for a good service and delicious food. It is also worth noting that restaurant concept is also important, because it defines target audience and influences the menu. This diagram represents the floor plan of an ongoing sports-theme establishment - restaurant, cafe, or other food service. A number of widescreen monitors installed along the perimeter provide visitors the opportunity to follow the course of a match from anywhere in the dining room of restaurant or cafe. The most of sports fans believe that food and alcohol is a big part of any sports show. That is why the dining room takes the most space - almost 60% of the total establishment space. Nearly all sports fans consume beverages while watching sports - beer, soda or water at least. Thus, the restaurant floor plan designers added a large lavatory there. Moreover, project developers considered unnecessary the gender division of such delicate place - perhaps they guess that only men are watching football, or believe that alcohol will eliminate the most of gender differences.Design  Restaurant Floor Plans
Picture: How To Create Restaurant Floor Plan in Minutes
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