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Export from ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Document
to SWF (Adobe® Flash®) File

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM has extensive export capabilities which allow you to export your drawing as MS PowerPoint® and Adobe PDF files. You can also embed a drawing into an HTML page after saving it in SWF or SVG formats.

To create presentation of your ConceptDraw DIAGRAM document in Flash Video format you can use the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM export to SWF feature. This allows you to share this presentation with your colleagues and friends via web-based streaming video.

Export from ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Document<br> to SWF (Adobe® Flash®) File *

Pic. 1. Adobe Flash file exported from a ConceptDraw DIAGRAM document.

Using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM export capabilities you can convert your drawings into Adobe Flash files quick and easy.

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Landscape Architecture with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM →

Nowadays, any architect or landscape designer can't do without a pack of digital tools for designing and projecting. Thus, there will be no problem to develop any landscape architecture plan with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM , especially since there are so many ready-to use templates and examples included. It's just as easy as drawing sketches on paper. If you using ConceptDarw DIAGRAM there is no needs to have a professional skills on landscape and garden design. As well as you don't need to be an expert in architectural charts and plans drawing. The all you need is the Landscape and Garden solution. This solution contains a unique collection of the professional designed vector objects depicting flower and grass, bushes and trees, garden furniture, pools and accessories. In one word - the full set of graphical elements enabling to focus on the creativeness while creating your landscape and garden plan.Landscape Architecture with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM  *
Picture: Landscape Architecture with ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
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