ConceptDraw Arrows10 Technology

Connectors and Grouped Objects

How should diagramming software work? Is it possible to develop a diagram as quickly as the ideas come to you?

The innovative ConceptDraw Arrows10 Technology included in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a powerful drawing tool that changes the way diagrams are produced. While making the drawing process easier and faster.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a powerful tool that helps you create a process map diagram quickly and easily. Fine-tuning the objects in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM allows you to create a really professional finished article. ConceptDraw Arrows10 Technology gives drawing connectors a smart behavior that provides quick and precise placement, allows for easy changes and automatic rearrangement.

There are more important features about the interactions between connectors and a group of objects. There can be three cases of these interactions.

The first case is the connection of objects inside the group. If you draw a connector between two objects inside a group it then becomes a part of this group.

The second case is to connect objects on opposite sides of the group. You can draw connector from the object outside the group to the specific object inside it.

The third case is to select a separate connector inside the group and change its type, the rest of connectors inside the group do not change.

Sample 1. Hook up drawing - Home entertainment system with surround sound.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming software provides vector shapes and connector tools for quick and easy drawing diagrams for business, technology, science and education.

Use ConceptDraw DIAGRAM enhanced with solutions from ConceptDraw Solution Park to create diagrams to present and explain structures, process flows, logical relationships, networks, design schemes and other visually organized information and knowledge.


ConceptDraw Arrows10 Technology

You can use text with any conceptDraw connectors to describe relationships between objects. Add text to connectors the same way you add text to any object - doubleclick a connector and type.Value stream map example
Picture: ConceptDraw Arrows10 Technology

ConceptDraw Arrows10 Technology

You can see that when you rotate a group, connectors change their angle, keeping their position inside of the grouped objects. If you decide to ungroup the objects, the connectors will adjust to keep lines parallel to the edges of the sheet. The magic of ConceptDraw Arrows10’s rotating group containing connectors, makes complex diagramming simple and easy. The way to connect objects has never been easier.Hook up drawing - Stereo audio visual entertainment system
Picture: ConceptDraw Arrows10 Technology

Cross Functional Flowchart Examples

Take a look on an example of Cross-Functional-Flowchart, showing the software service cross-function process flowcharts among the different departments. It presents a simple flowchart among the customer, sales, technical support, tester and development. Try now Flowchart Software and Cross-Functional library with 2 libraries and 45 vector shapes of the Cross-Functional Flowcharts solution. Then you can use built-in templates to create and present your software service cross-function process flowcharts.Flowchart - Manufacturing Process
Picture: Cross Functional Flowchart Examples

Audio & Video Connections

The Audio & Video Connectors solution contains a set of pre-designed objects, libraries, templates, and samples; allowing quick and easy diagramming of various configurations of audio and video devices.Hook-up diagram - Home entertainment system with surround sound
Picture: Audio & Video Connections
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