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This example was designed on the base of infographic "Lifestyle Analysis. Method of travel to school in 2011" from the CensusAtSchool Australia website of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). [ websitedbs/ cashome.nsf/ 4a256353001af3ed4b2562bb00121564/ 41b786978bda4617ca25795d0004f35b/ $FILE/ ATT1ZZFV.pdf/ 1infographic_ travel_ 2011.pdf]
"National Summary Tables.
These tables indicate the trends, habits, attitudes and lifestyles of Australian students; however, they don't represent all Australian students, just those who voluntarily completed questionnaires. ...
Tables ... have infographics that you can view and download." [ websitedbs/ cashome.nsf/ 4a256353001af3ed4b2562bb00121564/ 1b426c2827e1d7f9ca2578db0015e3b1!OpenDocument]
The infographic example "Lifestyle analysis - Method of travel to school" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Education Infographics solition from the area "Business Infographics" in ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Educational infogram
Educational infogram, train, railway, school bus, motorcycle, scooter, moped, line chart, line graph, footprint, human footprint, education infographics background, colored pencil, car, motor car, passenger car, callout with divider, bullet symbol, books, bicycle, apple, Australia, Australia map,
This vector stencils library contains 30 clipart images and astronomical symbols of sun and stars, solar system planets and moon.
Use these shapes for drawing your astronomical diagrams and illustrations.
Solar system
Solar system, Solar system,
Sun, Sun,
Mercury, Mercury,
Venus, Venus,
Earth, Earth,
Moon, Moon,
Mars, Mars,
Jupiter, Jupiter,
Saturn, Saturn,
Uranus, Uranus,
Neptune, Neptune,
Pluto, Pluto,
Red giant
Red giant , red giant,
Yellow giant
Yellow giant , yellow giant,
Blue giant
Blue giant, blue giant,
Red dwarf
Red dwarf , red dwarf,
White dwarf
White dwarf, white dwarf,
Black hole
Black hole,
Planets to scale
Planets to scale, planets,
Sun symbol
Sun symbol, Sun symbol,
Mercury symbol
Mercury symbol, Mercury symbol,
Venus symbol
Venus symbol, Venus symbol,
Earth symbol
Earth symbol, Earth symbol,
Moon symbol
Moon symbol, Moon symbol,
Mars symbol
Mars symbol, Mars symbol,
Jupiter symbol
Jupiter symbol, Jupiter symbol,
Saturn symbol
Saturn symbol, Saturn symbol,
Neptune symbol
Neptune symbol, Neptune symbol,
Uranus symbol
Uranus symbol, Uranus symbol,
Pluto symbol
Pluto symbol, Pluto symbol,

Vertical Cross Functional Flowchart

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