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Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing or lean production is a concept of organization's management which is based on the constant effort to eliminate all kinds of losses. Lean manufacturing requires involvement of each employee in the process of business optimization and maximum customer orientation.

The main principles of the lean manufacturing concept are evaluation of the value of product for the final consumer at each stage of its creation, and also creation of a continuous process of eliminating waste - the elimination of any actions that consume resources but create no value for the end user. As a synonym for the concept of loss sometimes is used the term from the Toyota's production system — "muda" which meaning all sorts of costs, losses, waste, garbage.

According to the lean manufacturing concept, all company activities are divided on the operations and processes that add value for the consumer, and the operations and processes that don't add value for the consumer. The objective of lean manufacturing is the systematic reduction of the processes and operations which don't add value.

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Lean Manufacturing *

Example 1. Lean Manufacturing

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Value Stream Mapping Library Design Elements

Example 2. Value Stream Mapping Library Design Elements

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Create Quality Engineering Diagrams (value stream maps) - for value stream analysis and value stream management, material and information flow mapping, using our quick start templates included with ConceptDraw.Quality Engineering Diagrams *
Picture: Quality Engineering Diagrams
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Picture: Model Based Systems Engineering
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Picture: Flow chart Example. Warehouse Flowchart
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