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Note Exchange

ConceptDraw MINDMAP with the new Note Exchange solution permits one to distribute and use mind maps from anywhere using powerful Evernote technology.

You can save any part of a mind map: topics, branches and entire maps to Evernote, for instant access on any device.

The creativity of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and Evernote technology helps you make structure and organize your notes and ideas. It makes it easy to share your notes with coworkers, associates, classmates, and friends.

Sample 1. Weekend To-Do List

This mindmap was created in ConceptDraw MINDMAP mind mapping software by experienced user for 30 minutes as a sample for solution Note Exchange from ConceptDraw Solution Park.

The Note Exchange solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP with the ability to exchange with Evernote, and access mind maps anywhere, on any computer or mobile device via Evernote.

Use ConceptDraw MINDMAP enhanced with Note Exchange solution as a daily planner, sending day-to-day tasks from your mind map to Evernote.
Using the Note Exchange solution you can upload a whole map, or specific parts relating to a certain person, task or meeting, and you can access your to-do mind maps wherever you are.

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