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The vector stencils library "IVR network" contains 40 interactive voice response (IVR) computer network icons.
Use it to design your IVR diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software.
The vector stencils library "IVR network" is included in the Interactive Voice Response Diagrams solution from the Computer and Networks area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Access point
Access point, access point,
Attention, attention,
Computer network
Computer network, computer network,
Database, database,
Data center
Data center, data center,
Data center download
Data center download, data center download,
Data exchange
Data exchange, data exchange,
Ethernet port
Ethernet port, ethernet port,
Home network
Home network, home network,
Ingoing traffic
Ingoing traffic, ingoing traffic,
LAN computers
LAN computers, LAN computers,
LAN server
LAN server, LAN server,
LAN servers
LAN servers, LAN servers,
LAN servers
LAN servers, LAN servers,
Mobile modem
Mobile modem, wifi usb, mobile modem, usb device,
Monitoring, monitoring,
Network administration
Network administration, network administration,
Network computers
Network computers, network computers,
Network servers
Network servers, network servers,
Network UPS
Network UPS, network UPS,
No WiFi signal
No WiFi signal, no WiFi signal,
Normal WiFi signal
Normal WiFi signal, normal WiFi signal,
Outgoing traffic
Outgoing traffic, outgoing traffic,
Performance monitoring
Performance monitoring, performance monitoring,
3 rackmount servers
3 rackmount servers, 3 rackmount servers,
4 rackmount servers
4 rackmount servers, 4 rackmount servers,
5 rackmount servers
5 rackmount servers, 5 rackmount servers,
Reset WiFi
Reset WiFi, reset WiFi,
Satellite, satellite,
Satellite dish
Satellite dish, satellite dish,
Server download
Server download, server download,
Server upload
Server upload, server upload,
Settings, settings,
Shared folder
Shared folder, shared folder,
Signal, signal,
Strong WiFi signal
Strong WiFi signal, strong WiFi signal,
Weak WiFi signal
Weak WiFi signal, weak WiFi signal,
Web camera
Web camera, web camera,
WiFi hotspot
WiFi hotspot, WiFi hotspot,
WiFi router
WiFi router, WiFi router,