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Electrical Symbols — Power Sources

A voltage source is a two terminal device which can maintain a fixed voltage. An ideal voltage source can maintain the fixed voltage independent of the load resistance or the output current. However, a real-world voltage source cannot supply unlimited current. A voltage source is the dual of a current source. Real-world sources of electrical energy, such as batteries, generators, and power systems, can be modeled for analysis purposes as a combination of an ideal voltage source and additional combinations of impedance elements.

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The vector stencils library "Power sources" contains 9 element symbols of power sources, power supplies and batteries.
Use these shapes for drawing the electrical schematics and electronic circuit diagrams in the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Electrical Engineering solution from the Engineering area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. solution-park/ engineering-electrical
Battery with polarity labels
Battery with polarity labels,
Battery, battery,
Ideal current source
Ideal current source, ideal source,  ideal current source,
Ideal voltage source
Ideal voltage source, ideal source,  ideal voltage source,
Oscillator, oscillator, alternating-current source,
AC current source
AC current source, AC source, AC current source,
AC voltage source
AC voltage source, AC source, AC voltage source,
DC current source
DC current source, DC source, DC current source,
DC voltage source
DC voltage source, DC source, DC voltage source,