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This vector stencils library contains 12 object schematic symbols.
Use it to design your IDEF3 diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing tools.
The vector stencils library "IDEF3 object schematic symbols" is included in the IDEF Business Process Diagrams solution from the Business Processes area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Object, IDEF3 object symbol,
Individual, IDEF3 individual symbol,
Weak Transition Link
Weak Transition Link, weak transition link,
Strong Transition Link
Strong Transition Link, strong transition link,
n-Place 1st-order Relation
n-Place 1st-order Relation, n-place first-order relation,
2-Place 2nd-order Relation
2-Place 2nd-order Relation, 2-place second-order relation,
AND Junction (object)
AND Junction (object), AND junction,
OR Junction (object)
OR Junction (object), OR junction,
XOR Junction (object)
XOR Junction (object), XOR junction,
Connecting arrow
Connecting arrow, connecting arrow,
Connecting line
Connecting line, connecting line,
Temporal Indeterminacy Marker
Temporal Indeterminacy Marker, temporal indeterminacy marker,
The vector stencils library "IDEF3 process schematic symbols" contains 12 shapes: unit of behavior (UOB), links, junctions, .
Use it to design your IDEF3 process schematic diagrams.
"Process schematics tend to be the most familiar and broadly used component of the IDEF3 method. These schematics provide a visualization mechanism for processcentered descriptions of a scenario. The graphical elements that comprise process schematics include Unit of Behavior (UOB) boxes, precedence links, junctions, referents, and notes. The building blocks here are:
- Unit of Behavior (UOB) boxes.
- Links: Links are the glue that connect UOB boxes to form representations of dynamic processes.
- Simple Precedence Links: Precedence links express temporal precedence relations between instances of one UOB and those of another.
- Activation Plots: Activation plots are used to represent activations.
- Dashed Links: Dashed links carry no predefined semantics.
- Link Numbers: All links have an elaboration and unique link numbers.
Activation Semantics for Nonbranching Process Schematics.
- Junctions: Junctions in IDEF3 provide a mechanism to specify the logic of process branching.
- UOB Decompositions: Elaborations capture and structure detailed knowledge about processes.
- UOB Reference Numbering Scheme: A UOB box number is assigned to each UOB box in an IDEF3 Process Description.
- Partial Descriptions: UOB boxes are joined together by links. Because of the description capture focus of IDEF3, it is possible to conceive of UOBs without links to other parts of an IDEF3 schematic.
- Referents: Referents enhance understanding, provide additional meaning, and simplify the construction (i.e., minimize clutter) of both process schematics and object schematics." [IDEF3. Wikipedia]
The shapes example "Design elements - IDEF3 process schematic symbols" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the solution "IDEF Business Process Diagrams" from the area "Business Processes" of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
IDEF3 business process diagram
IDEF3 business process diagram, unit of behavior, UOB, synchronous OR junction, synchronous AND junction, simple precedence link, relational link, opposite direction constraint precedence link, general constraint precedence link, direction constraint precedence link, both directions constraint precedence link, XOR junction, OR junction, OR process, AND junction, AND process,