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The design elements library Sofas and chairs contains 122 symbols of upholstered furniture.
Use the vector stencils library Sofas and chairs for drawing room design plans, upholstered furniture arrangements, home space layout plans, interior design and furniture layouts using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software.
"A chair is a piece of furniture with a raised surface used to sit on, commonly used by one person. Chairs are most often supported by four legs and have a back; however, a chair can have three legs or could have a different shape.
A chair without a back or arm rests is a stool, or when raised up, a bar stool. A chair with arms is an armchair and with folding action and inclining footrest, a recliner. With wheels it is a wheelchair and when hung from above, a swing.
A chair for more than one person is a couch, sofa, settee, or "loveseat"; or a bench. A separate footrest for a chair is known as an ottoman, hassock or pouffe." [Chair. Wikipedia]
The shapes library Sofas and chairs is provided by the Floor Plans solution from The Building Plans area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Sofas and chairs symbols
Sofas and chairs symbols, square stool, with back, square stool, sofa, side chair, without arms, side chair, with arms, sectional sofa, right arm, sectional sofa, middle arm, sectional sofa, left arm, sectional sofa, corner arm, sectional sofa with arms, sectional sofa, sectional chaise lounge, right arm, sectional chaise lounge, left arm, round stool, with back, round stool, rolling chair, recliner, oversized chair, ottoman, loveseat, lounge chair, folding chair, curved sectional sofa, curved back, rolling chair, curved back sofa, curved back chair, couch, chaise lounge, chair with arms, chair, armless sectional sofa, sectional sofa, armless loveseat, arm chair, Sectional sofa, middle arm,