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This example of moorish garden design shows ornamental trees, bushes, flowers, pools, fontain, garden furniture, wall with gate, and building layout.
"Traditionally, an Islamic garden is a cool place of rest and reflection, and a reminder of paradise. ... The general theme of a traditional Islamic garden is water and shade, not surprisingly since Islam came from and generally spread in a hot and arid climate. Unlike English gardens, which are often designed for walking, Islamic gardens are intended for rest and contemplation. For this reason, Islamic gardens usually include places for sitting." [Islamic garden. Wikipedia]
The landscape design sample "Moresque garden" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Landscape and Garden solution from the Building Plans area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Garden design
Garden design, wooden bridge, white roses, waterfall, water lily leaf, walkway stones, tree, tiled roof, hip end, tiled hip roof, stool, stone stairs, stair railings, stone stairs, stone bridge, stone arch, statue, spatterdock lily flower, yellow water lily, yellow pond lily, spatterdock lily flower, yellow pond lily bud, spatterdock leaf, water lily leaf, round roof, tiled roof, tower, round patio table, round fountain, pink roses, pine, patio, multi-stemmed tree, lotus leaf, lotus flower, lily of the valley flowers, may-lily, light, juniper, ivy, climbing plants, ivy arch, hibiscus, bush with flowers, hexagonal gazebo roof, tiled roof, green garden plants, gerbera daisy flower, garden pond, kidney pond, garden flowers, garden fern, green garden plants, flower bed, flowerbed, fir, dormer window, eyebrow window, triangular dormer, damask roses, cypress, columnar tree, column (square), column (round), column, bush, shrub, blooming tree, aster flowers, 2-tier fountain, two-tier fountain,

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The Landscape and Gardens solution for ConceptDraw PRO v10 is the ideal drawing tool when creating landscape plans. Any gardener wondering how to design a garden can find the most effective way with Landscape and Gardens solution.