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The vector stencils library "Trees and plants" contains 29 symbols of trees, hedges, groundcovers, greenery, and shrubbery.
Use these shapes for drawing your site plans, landscape architecture, lawns, gardens, yards, parks planning, groundskeeping, landscape design, and arboretums in the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Site Plans solution from the Building Plans area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. solution-park/ building-site-plans
Broadleaf evergreen tree
Broadleaf evergreen tree, broadleaf evergreen tree,
Potted plant 2
Potted plant 2, potted plant,
Cactus, cactus,
Ornamental grass
Ornamental grass, ornamental grass,
Potted plant 1
Potted plant 1, potted plant,
Succulent, succulent,
Perennial border
Perennial border, perennial border,
Groundcover, groundcover,
Conifer hedge
Conifer hedge, conifer hedge,
Broadleaf hedge
Broadleaf hedge, broadleaf hedge,
Broadleaf evergreen shrub
Broadleaf evergreen shrub, broadleaf evergreen shrub,
Deciduous shrub e
Deciduous shrub e, deciduous shrub,
Deciduous shrub d
Deciduous shrub d, deciduous shrub,
Deciduous shrub C
Deciduous shrub C,
Deciduous shrub b
Deciduous shrub b, deciduous shrub,
Deciduous shrub a
Deciduous shrub a, deciduous shrub,
Conifer shrub d
Conifer shrub d, conifer shrub,
Conifer shrub c
Conifer shrub c, conifer shrub,
Conifer shrub b
Conifer shrub b, conifer shrub,
Conifer shrub a
Conifer shrub a, conifer shrub,
Palm tree
Palm tree, palm tree,
Deciduous tree D
Deciduous tree D, deciduous tree,
Deciduous tree C
Deciduous tree C, deciduous tree,
Deciduous tree B
Deciduous tree B, deciduous tree,
Deciduous tree A
Deciduous tree A, deciduous tree,
Conifer tree D
Conifer tree D, conifer tree,
Conifer shrub c
Conifer shrub c, conifer shrub,
Conifer tree B
Conifer tree B, conifer tree,
Conifer tree A
Conifer tree  A, conifer tree,