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This example was designed on the base of the cybersecurity infographic from the website (Open Government Licence v3.0. doc/ open-government-licence/ version/ 3/ )
"10 Steps To Cyber Security...
Defining and communicating your Board’s Information Risk Management Regime (shown at the centre of the following diagram) is central to your organisation’s overall cyber strategy.
... the 9 steps that surround it are ...
- Secure configuration
- Network security
- Managing user privileges
- User education and awareness
- Incident management
- Malware prevention
- Monitoring
- Removable media controls
- Home and mobile working" [ government/ publications/ cyber-risk-management-a-board-level-responsibility/ 10-steps-summary]
The infographic example "10 Steps to Cyber Security" was created using the ConceprDraw PRO software extended with the Network Security Diagrams solution from the Computer and Neworks area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Computer security infographic
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