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Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture has dramatically developed in the last centuries due to mechanization, modern technologies, chemical use, government policies, and other factors but these changes have also had a negative impact on the health of nature and soil. These include air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, topsoil depletion, groundwater contamination, threats to human health and safety due to the spread of pathogens, etc. The current primary objective is to eliminate negative consequences and ensure sustainable methods for agriculture to eliminate the previous negative impacts.

What is the Meaning of Sustainable Agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture is a system approach to meet society’s needs in goods produced by agriculture, food, textile without damage to future generations, offering future generations the ability to meet also their needs in similar products. Sustainable agriculture involves the use of methods that help to save a healthy environment, take care of social and economic equity and profitability.

The agricultural system involves a lot of people in each of its stages, from the growers of food and raws, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to the consumers and waste workers. Every one of the involved people plays a significant role in ensuring the sustainability of the agricultural system, strengthening the local economy, health, and safety of people.

Why is Sustainability so Important?

Sustainable agriculture gains increasing support and research for innovative solutions are actively taken. Specific methods are used at each stage. Growers strive to use environmentally friendly methods and not use polluting and harmful substances to the soil, food, and human health (pesticides, nitrates, and so on). The common goal is to preserve the soil and entire nature's health, human health, and animal welfare. The rational use of land and natural resources including minimization of water use is also one of the main principles of sustainable agriculture. It involves maintaining or enhancing the quality of the resources, allowing them to be regenerated for the future.

Sustainable Agriculture Infographics Design in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

Example 1. Sustainable Agriculture Infographics Design in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM (Apple MacOS)

Sustainable agriculture combines research and actions in various areas including biology, chemistry, engineering, economics, politics, and many others. It involves the joint work of specialists from different fields to achieve a common goal. It is a global issue that cannot be solved by one person and only by people directly connected with agriculture. Only common efforts can help preserve our planet today for future generations. A system approach in agriculture implies multi-pronged efforts in research, actions, and education; it gives tools to assess the impact of human society on agriculture, nature, and environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Agriculture - Design Elements

Example 2. Sustainable Agriculture Library — Design Elements

Sustainable Agriculture Drawing

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM enhanced with Sustainable Development solution is a perfect software to illustrate ways of sustainable development, in particular the innovative methods developed and applied for sustainable agriculture. The Sustainable Development solution includes 12 libraries with multifarious vector design elements. The separate library Design Elements — Sustainable Agriculture is included and contains all elements that you can need to design illustrations and infographics related to sustainable agriculture.

Collection of predesigned samples and examples is also included in the Sustainable Development solution. It is a good help for you in creating your own illustrations. You can select any sample that best suits your requirements and use it as the base.

Sustainable Management - Low Impact Development

Example 3. Sustainable Management — Low Impact Development

The Sustainable Agriculture samples you see on this page were created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software using the management tools of the Sustainable Development Solution. These examples successfully demonstrate solution's capabilities and the professional results you can achieve using it. An experienced user spent 10-20 minutes creating each of these samples.

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