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Political Parties

A political party is an organized group of like-minded people, mostly politicians, who have similar ideas and express the interests of certain social classes. The political party's members believe in and operate under the same ideology. They unite together over relatively narrow interests or many interests forming a coalition. The members of the political party hold similar ideas about politics, promote common ideological and policy goals.

Each political party strives to achieve certain political goals and gain political power for both the party and its members. Among their political goals are contesting for election, winning state power through joining elections and winning the competition against other political parties or simply participation in power's implementation, forming a government. The party coordinates its candidates to compete in elections in a specific country it is registered to hold power in the government. The political parties also include minor parties, governing groups, and revolutionary organizations.

The term “political party” was introduced in the 19th century in connection with the introduction of universal suffrage in a number of Western countries and the United States, and establishment of state power through elections. Over the last centuries, political parties actively developed and spread around the world, and became a major part of the politics of almost every country. Some countries have a one-party system, only one political party exists and holds power, there is no competition and no elections. Typically the power is established as a result of a coup d’etat. The one-party system is established in China, Vietnam, Cuba. Other countries have two-party or multi-party systems.

The separation of powers is typical for a two-party system when the power is divided between two dominant parties. Such system is set in Canada and Great Britain. The smaller parties exist but merge with the bigger ones. Most countries of the world have a multiple-party system and include three or more parties, but only one party or a coalition of more parties holds power. This one party gains independent control of the government as a result of elections.

Political parties play a vital role in modern democracy and the competition between parties is considered an essential part of democracy. Typically, democracies include more political parties than autocracies, but however, they also play an important role in the politics of last ones. Most countries use coalition. It supposes the unification of an elected party with other political parties and the establishment of a multi-party government.

Political Parties

Example 1. Political Parties

All political parties have different policies and programs. Voters make a choice in accordance with the policies and programs liked by them. The loser parties form the opposition. Political parties are also a means of connecting people and government and form public opinion. As for the structure of a political party, typically it is simple. As a rule, a political party includes a party leader, party executives, and party members. A leader is selected by executives and has primary responsibilities for the party's activities. Party executives perform administrative and organizational tasks. Party members help the party, vote for its candidates, contest elections under a common name.

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Civil Society Lirary - Design Elements

Example 2. Civil Society Lirary - Design Elements

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Politics Infographics - Nolan Chart

Example 3. Politics Infographics - Nolan Chart

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