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Oil Industry

The oil industry is an industry engaged in the exploration, drilling, extraction, and transportation of crude oil, its processing to the petroleum products and selling. This industry has a centuries-old history. The unrefined oil products have been used by humans since prehistoric times. However, industrial extraction and processing of oil began only in the 19th century.

Large amounts of capital are involved in the oil and gas industry, while the world's dependence on this industry increases. In countries with the largest oil and gas deposits, the petroleum companies make a significant contribution to the national GDP. The list of the top countries occupied by the oil and gas production and export includes United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq, Iran, China, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and much more countries.

Oil is an integral part of many industries and a primary material for a large variety of chemical products. The largest volumes of oil distillation products comprise fuel oil and various types of fuels: gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, etc. The fuels are used in a majority of automobiles and technics. Pharmaceuticals, lubricants, electrical insulation media, solvents, jet fuel, asphalt, plastics, fertilizers are also the products of the oil industry. These products are called petrochemicals.

The oil industry includes three key sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream.

  • Upstream includes the works on search for underwater and underground crude oil deposits, drilling wells to recover these fossils, and drawing hydrocarbons to the surface. It also includes the separating of hydrocarbons into crude oil and natural gas, because many deposits contain both of these products.
  • Midstream involves the transportation of oil to the refineries, their storage, and processing. At this, the transportation is realized by pipelines, tanker ships over the water, trucks and rail by land.
  • Downstream refers to the refining crude oil at the refineries, processing, distillation, purifying it into usable finished products, and distribution to consumers. It has an important role in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and packaging industries.
Oil Industry

Example 1. Oil Industry

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Oil Distillation Products

Example 2. Oil Distillation Products

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