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Immunology Investigations

Immunological investigations are a set of laboratory tests used to evaluate hundreds of indicators in order to understand disorders occurred in the patient's immune system. This supports making a correct diagnosis and choosing a treatment aimed at correcting the immune system. Immunological investigations are commonly used for highly sensitive assessment of the body's biochemical characteristics. These diagnostic methods are based on detecting the concentration of specific proteins, hormones, antigens and antibodies, and studying their interactions and molecular mechanisms in various diseases. Typically, venous blood is an object of study in immunology diagnostics.

Immunological investigations are widely used in laboratory diagnostics of infectious, viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases, for the detection of infectious agents. They are useful to determine the levels of hormones, pregnancy, tumor antigens, blood groups, the compatibility of transfused blood, diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, etc. Immunological investigations allow determining the titers of antibodies to various diseases. Accordingly, they allow assessing the body's resistance to them and predict their development. They significantly reduce the time for analysis, diagnosis, and prediction.

Immunological investigation methods help to study immunity against mass infections and evaluate the effectiveness of preventive vaccinations. They are extremely diverse, widely used today, and cover all aspects of fundamental and applied immunology, including immunohematology and allergology. The immunograms are actively used in immunology. They are complex studies conducted by methods of detailed research of various parts of the human immune system and assessing the state of the immune system. In allergology, allergy tests are used to identify a specific substance that causes allergies. Also, there are realized various serological and molecular genetic methods for diagnosis of infections.

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Immunology Investigations Illustration in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Mac & Win

Example 1. Immunology Investigations Illustration in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Mac & Win

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Immunology Diagram - Antibody Microarray

Example 2. Immunology Diagram - Antibody Microarray

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