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The website wireframe vector stencils library "Design elements - Icons" contains 127 web icons.
Use this icon set to design your webpage layouts with ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software.
"In computing, an icon is a pictogram displayed on a computer screen in order to help the user navigate a computer system or mobile device. The icon itself is a quickly comprehensible symbol of a software tool, function, or a data file, accessible on the system and is more like a traffic sign than a detailed illustration of the actual entity it represents. It can serve as an electronic hyperlink or file shortcut to access the program or data. The user can activate an icon using a mouse, pointer, finger, or recently voice commands. Their placement on the screen, also in relation to other icons, may provide further information to the user about their usage. In activating an icon, the user can move directly into and out of the identified function without knowing anything further about the location or requirements of the file or code.
Desktop icons for file/ data transfer, clock/ awaiting, and running a program.
Icons as parts of the graphical user interface of the computer system, in conjunction with windows, menus and a pointing device (mouse), belong to the much larger topic of the history of the graphical user interface that has largely supplanted the text-based interface for casual use." [ wiki/ Icon_ %28computing%29]
The web icon set example "Design elements - Icons" is included in the Website Wireframe solution from the Software Development area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Website wireframe design elements
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