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The vector stencils library "Cafe people" contains 12 cafeteria clipart images: sitting at table and standing men and women, male and female cashiers.
Use this icon set to design your restaurant, bar, cafeteria and food court illustrations and infographics using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software.
"A cafeteria is a type of food service location in which there is little or no waiting staff table service, whether a restaurant or within an institution such as a large office building or school...
Instead of table service, there are food-serving counters/ stalls, either in a line or allowing arbitrary walking paths. Customers take the food they require as they walk along, placing it on a tray. In addition, there are often stations where customers order food and wait while it is prepared, particularly for items such as hamburgers or tacos which must be served hot and can be quickly prepared. Alternatively, the patron is given a number and the item is brought to their table. For some food items and drinks, such as sodas, water, or the like, customers collect an empty container, pay at the check-out, and fill the container after the check-out. Free second servings are often allowed under this system." [ wiki/ Cafeteria]
The cafeteria clip art example "Design elements - Cafe people" is included in the Food Court solution from the Food and Beverages area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.
Food court clipart
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