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Once a person gets sick with some disease, his body begins to make antibodies to fight the entered microorganisms and get better. After a person's recovery, these antibodies are stored in his body, form immunity, and protect him from getting the same illness again. But another way of getting immunity also exists. You can gain it through immunization.

Immunization is a process of protecting an organism against a disease through vaccination. A corresponding vaccine is introduced into the body. A vaccine contains the antigens causing a disease or their parts, but not active, they are weakened or killed. These antigens trigger an immune response as if the organism has been exposed to a disease naturally. As a result, an individual's immune system fortifies against this agent (immunogen), specific immune T cells and B cells called memory cells are produced. These cells will stop the re-infection with this disease in the future.

One more way of getting T cells and B cells by the organism is their direct introduction into the body. This type of immunization is called passive immunization, in contrast to active immunization when these cells are produced by the body itself. Being obtained in any of two ways, T and B cells are responsible for a fast response when encountering again with foreign molecules of the same kind. And in any case, obtaining immunity happens without the complications for the organism, risks, and life-threatening consequences as it is possible in the case of natural disease.

Immunization Infographics Design in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

Example 1. Immunization Infographics Design in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

Immunization is particularly relevant for dangerous diseases causing serious complications or threats to health and life, leading to hospitalization, or even death. It is an excellent way to avoid possible negative consequences in a case of infection with diseases of this kind. Immunization is especially important for children having yet a weak immune system and for particularly vulnerable people. Immunization protects children against the most harmful diseases and helps in developing a child's immune system.

However, vaccines differ in the duration of provided immunity. There are two types of vaccines: providing lifelong immunity and others protecting only for several years and requiring re-vaccination. Immunization can protect people from pertussis, diphtheria, polio, blood infection, mumps, meningitis, measles, influenza, rubella, tetanus, varicella, and many more diseases. Due to the immunization, some infections and diseases were almost completely eradicated in all the world or some countries.

Medical Virology Infographic - Coronavirus Virion Structure

Example 2. Medical Virology Infographic - Coronavirus Virion Structure

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Virus Prevention Library Design Elements

Example 3. Virus Prevention Library Design Elements

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