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Electrical Power Industry

The electrical power industry covers a large set of processes related to electric power. It includes the processes of generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electric power to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. The electric power industry is the basic component of the active development of industrial world. The development of electric power industry is essential for the economic growth and prosperity of many countries likewise increasing productivity. It has a critical value for society on different levels and contributes to its progress, business development, and expansion.

Electric power is strongly embedded in all areas of human life and activity. It is consumed by residential consumers around the world. Residential consumers from private houses and apartment blocks are the largest sector of electricity customers. Electric power is also an extremely important component of work of the industrial, manufacturing, and commercial enterprises. Commercial customers including hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, office buildings, hotels are in second place by the amount of used power. The sector of industrial consumers includes industrial factories, refineries, plants, textile mills. They consume more than one-third of processed electricity. The transportation consumers of electric power include only electrified rail and urban transit systems.

The electrical power industry requires large investments. It develops and realizes a number of projects like supplying energy to the electricity-starved regions. There are implemented ecological projects of transition to renewable fuel and energy sources, saving the environment and decreasing pollution.

Electrical Power Industry Illustration

Example 1. Electrical Power Industry Illustration

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Nuclear Fuel Process

Example 2. Nuclear Fuel Process

Energy Industry Infographics solution includes 9 libraries:

  • Power Pictograms
  • Fuel Gas
  • Liquid Fuel
  • Nuclear Power
  • Power Engineering
  • Power Plants
  • Electrical Substation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solid Fuel

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Energy Intelligence Dashboard

Example 3. Energy Intelligence Dashboard

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