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ConceptDraw Office

The Most Comprehensive Business Tool for Everyday Work Environments

ConceptDraw Office is a powerful business productivity and diagramming software suite with comprehensive toolset that was designed to simplify and expedite the execution of daily work in any size business, and organize the information flow in a business process. ConceptDraw Office consists of a diagramming platform, a mind mapping tool, and a project management tool. These tools are essential for easy and quickly generating the business diagrams, project plans, dashboards, mind maps, presentations, schematics, and any other business visualizations.
ConceptDraw Office is the only integrated business solution on the market, which supports the project management capabilities, lets to pass from the first stage of brainstorming ideas to successful completing a project. Using ConceptDraw Store you can navigate through ConceptDraw Solution Park, access libraries, templates and samples directly from the ConceptDraw Store, and also manage downloads and updates.

ConceptDraw Solution Park offers you a wide set of Areas with large quantity of different Solutions:

  • Building Plans Area
  • Business Infographics
  • Business Processes Area
  • Business Productivity Area
  • Collaboration Area
  • Computer and Networks Area
  • What is a Dashboard Area
  • What is a Diagram Area
  • Engineering Area
  • Finance and Accounting Area
  • Food and Beverage Area
  • Graphs and Charts Area
  • Illustrations Area
  • What is Infographics Area
  • Management Area
  • Maps Area
  • Marketing Area
  • Project Management Area
  • Quality Area
  • Science and Education Area
  • Software Development Area
  • Sport Area

ConceptDraw PRO

A Business and Technical Diagramming Tool

ConceptDraw PRO is a well-known diagram designer and popular business graphics and diagramming software for Windows and Macintosh. It contains powerful vector drawing tools, graphics libraries with hundreds of pre-drawn shapes, built-in scripting language, support for importing and exporting many popular file formats and countless other professional features. ConceptDraw PRO is also widely used as schematic software, block diagram software, program diagram designer.

Diagram Software

ConceptDraw PRO is the best diagram maker. It is a diagram software that allows you to easier and quickly create the professional looking network diagrams, flowcharts, UML diagrams, electrical diagrams, organizational charts and many other types of diagrams using a variety of drawing tools, smart connectors, large quantity of templates, samples and drag-and-drop shape libraries. ConceptDraw PRO diagramming software provides also a wide set of templates and samples of diagrams to help you draw your own diagrams faster.

Pic. 1. Diagram Software

Examples of Diagram

ConceptDraw PRO diagram designer provides a huge collection of examples for different types of diagrams that will help you create a diagram faster using any of them as the base. Be sure that your own diagrams designed in ConceptDraw PRO diagram creator will look professional and attractive.

Diagram Designer

Pic. 2. Diagram Designer — Tokyo Tube Map

Diagram Maker

Pic. 3. Diagram Maker — ERD

Use a variety of drawing tools, smart connectors and shape libraries to create flowcharts of complex processes, procedures and information exchange. Define and document basic work and data flows, financial, production and quality management processes to increase efficiency of you business. Create process flowcharts, process flow Models, data flow diagrams, basic Flowcharts, IDEF0 flowcharts and SDL diagrams and a lot more with a perfect business flowchart tool ConceptDraw PRO.

The Benefits for Diagram Software

  1. With large quantity of ready-to-use vector objects from the ConceptDraw PRO libraries nothing could be easier to draw various types of diagrams in a few minutes.
  2. The great number of predesigned templates and samples from the ConceptDraw PRO solutions give you the good start for your own diagrams.
  3. ConceptDraw PRO diagram maker supports dynamic presentations with Live Object technology for displaying external data.
  4. All ConceptDraw PRO documents are vector graphic files and are available for reviewing, modifying, and converting to a variety of formats: image, HTML, PDF file, MS PowerPoint Presentation, Adobe Flash, MS Visio.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Tool for Mind Mapping and Brainstorming

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is designed to help you manage your ideas effectively. You can use ConceptDraw MINDMAP for process construction, mind mapping and brainstorming. Rich import and export capabilities are useful for sharing maps with colleagues and publishing content. Rich clipart galleries and extended drawing capabilities make your maps more informative and easier to understand.

Mind Map and Brainstorming Software

ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers a set of tools for generating, structuring, organizing and visualizing ideas and data. It is effectively used for planning, problem solving, decision making, creative and critical thinking, organization, presentations, team brainstorming, knowledge management, studying and learning with the help of clear visual mind maps.

Mind Map and Brainstorming Software

Pic. 4. Mind Map and Brainstorming Software

Examples of Mind Map and Brainstorming

ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides a large quantity of examples of professionally designed mind maps on the different themes, for various situations that can be successfully used on the presentations, conferences, in blog posts, on websites.

Mind Map - Pen Drawing

Pic. 5. Mind Map — Pen Drawing

Mind Map

Pic. 6. Mind Map

The Benefits for Mind Map and Brainstorming Software

  1. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is effective for designing the mind maps, brainstorming, idea generating, creative and lateral thinking, creativity and problem solving.
  2. The wide set of tools makes ConceptDraw MINDMAP ideal for team and personal work in Business, Marketing and Project Management.
  3. The libraries with large quantity of vector objects help to illustrate your mind maps and to make them bright, visual and comprehensible.
  4. Using the View Navigator tool you can create presentations from a mind map: a mind map diagram maker gives you the possibility to simply select the map parts you want to present, sequence your slides, and preview the presentation.
  5. ConceptDraw MINDMAP allows you to input your data from many different file formats and to output to wide variety of applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, MS Excel, Mindjet MindManager, save as image, HTML, PDF file.

ConceptDraw PROJECT

Powerful Project Management Application

ConceptDraw PROJECT is a comprehensive tool for project planning and resource management. ConceptDraw PROJECT gives you visibility into all essential elements involved in your project and gives you the control you need to oversee resources and budget. ConceptDraw PROJECT is easy to learn and use.

Project Management Software

ConceptDraw PROJECT provides an extensive set of tools to help project managers to plan and monitor project development and resource allocation. ConceptDraw PROJECT enables you graphically represent the tasks of your project in the form of Gantt Chart, build project dashboards, various one-click reports and easily view the project progress.

Project Management Software

Pic. 7. Project Management Software

Examples of Project Management

ConceptDraw PROJECT provides a set of project management examples, of Gantt Charts, Multiproject Dashboards, reports.

Gantt Chart

Pic. 8. Gantt Chart

Multiproject Dashboard

Pic. 9. Multiproject Dashboard

The Benefits for Project Management Software

  1. ConceptDraw PROJECT is an effective tool with powerful functionality which is ideal for planning, scheduling and monitoring project development, allocation of budget and resources.
  2. ConceptDraw PROJECT enables you to manage single and multi-projects, create visual project dashboards and diagrams, generate various kinds of reports with one click.
  3. ConceptDraw PROJECT provides wide capabilities of importing and exporting in various formats: Microsoft Project, ConceptDraw MINDMAP, Mindjet MindManager, PDF file.

Use Products:

  • Flowchart Diagram Software
  • Technical Diagramming Tool
  • Business Diagramming Tool
  • Professional Business Graphics Tool
  • Export to vector graphics files
  • Export to Adobe Acrobat® PDF
  • Export to MS PowerPoint®
  • Export to MS Visio® XML VDX
  • ConceptDraw PRO native Mac app
  • Easier to use than Microsoft Visio® and more powerful
  • With free support and thousands of templates
  • Brainstorming
  • Project planning
  • Meeting Management
  • Creating Presentations
  • Creating Reports
  • Communicating with Teams
  • Project Management Software
  • Gantt Chart
  • Project Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Multiproject Planning
  • Creating One-Click Reports
  • Creating Project Dashboard
  • Critical Path Method
  • Filtering Tasks

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Diagram Software
Diagram Software
Diagram Software
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