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Design elements - Electrical and telecom

The vector stencils library "Electrical and telecom" contains 83 symbols of electrical and telecommunication equipment for electrical drawings and wiring diagrams of buildings, communication centers, power plants and electrical distribution systems.
"An electrical drawing, is a type of technical drawing that shows information about power, lighting, and communication for an engineering or architectural project." [Electrical drawing. Wikipedia]
Use the design elements library "Electrical and telecom" to design your own electrical drawings, plot plans of the building outside electrical wiring, floor plans with electrical and telecommunication systems layout, power-riser diagrams with panel boards, control wiring diagrams and cabling layout schemes, reflected ceiling plans and lighting panels layouts using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software.
The shapes library "Electrical and telecom" is included in the Electric and Telecom Plans solution from the Building Plans area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. Read more
Electrical and telecom symbols
Electrical and telecom symbols,  watchman's station, watchman's central station, wall mounted, wall light, TV outlet, three, thermostat, television outlet, telephone outlet, telephone key system, telephone box, switched socket, switch, surface mounted, surface fluorescent light, stereo speaker outlet, stereo outlet, socket outlet, smoke detector, single phase, signal central station, service panel, push button, pull-cord switch, power outlet, poly phase, outside antenna, outdoor lightning, multi-switch, motion sensor, modular fluorescent fitting, main control, maid's dignal plug, magnetic door hold, luminaire ceiling mount, light bar, intercom, intake, inside antenna, illuminated emergency sign, horn, hold open unit, heat detector, hardware, ground connection, ground, fire alarm station, fire alarm sounder, fire alarm central station, fire alarm bell, fire alarm, exhaust fan fixture, enclosed ceiling luminaire, emergency sign, emergency release button, emergency lightning point, emergency light, electro magnetic door, electrical switch, electrical service panel, electrical junction box, electric motors, electric, down lighter, double socket, doorbell transformer, doorbell chime, doorbell, door opener, dimmer switch, digital satellite system, detector, data junction box, city fire alarm station, ceiling fan, card reader, cable TV outlet, cable television outlet, buzzer, bollard, battery, batten fluorescent, automatic fire alarm device, annunciator, access system
The vector stenvils library "Outlets" contains 57 symbols of electrical outlets for drawing building interior design, electrical floor plans and layouts of AC power plugs and sockets.
"AC power plugs and sockets are devices that allow electrically operated equipment to be connected to the primary alternating current (AC) power supply in a building. Electrical plugs and sockets differ in voltage and current rating, shape, size and type of connectors. The types used in each country are set by national standards, some of which are listed in the IEC technical report TR 60083, Plugs and socket-outlets for domestic and similar general use standardized in member countries of IEC.
Plugs and sockets for portable appliances started becoming available in the 1880s, to replace connections to light sockets with easier to use wall-mounted outlets. A proliferation of types developed to address the issues of convenience and protection from electric shock. Today there are approximately 20 types in common use around the world, and many obsolete socket types are still found in older buildings. Co-ordination of technical standards has allowed some types of plugs to be used over wide regions to facilitate trade in electrical appliances, and for the convenience of travellers and consumers of imported electrical goods. Some multi-standard sockets allow use of several different types of plugs; improvised or unapproved adapters between incompatible sockets and plugs may not provide the full safety and performance of an approved adapter." [AC power plugs and sockets. Wikipedia]
The example "Design elements - Outlets" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Electric and Telecom Plans solution from the Building plans area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. Read more
Electrical outlet symbols
Electrical outlet symbols,  weatherproof TV outlet, weatherproof phone outlet, weatherproof convenience outlet, wall phone outlet, wall mounted, voice, vapor discharge lamp outlet, TV feed, TV, triplex outlet, television outlet, telephone outlet, telephone, switch, split wired, special-purpose outlet, special-purpose connection, single outlet, range outlet, radio outlet, radio, quadruplex outlet, pull switch, provision for connection, power, phone feed, phone, outlet, multi-purpose outlet, multi-outlet assembly, mounted, local area network outlet, LAN outlet, lamp holder, junction box, heavy duty outlet, floor TV outlet, floor special-purpose outlet, floor receptacle, floor phone outlet, floor mounted, fiber outlet, fax outlet, fan outlet, exit light outlet, emergency circuit single outlet, emergency circuit quadruplex outlet, emergency circuit duplex outlet, electrical outlet symbols, electrical outlet, electrical equipment, duplex special-purpose outlet, duplex outlet, duplex ground fault interrupter, duplex convenience outlet, drop outlet, door phone outlet, dedicated duplex outlet, data outlet, data, convenience outlet, computer data outlet, clock hanger outlet, blanked outlet, AC power plugs and sockets, 240v outlet
The vector stencils library "Switches" contains 25 symbols of electrical and light switches and breakers.
"In electrical engineering, a switch is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another.
The most familiar form of switch is a manually operated electromechanical device with one or more sets of electrical contacts, which are connected to external circuits.
A switch may be directly manipulated by a human as a control signal to a system, ... or to control power flow in a circuit, such as a light switch. Automatically operated switches can be used to control the motions of machines, for example, to indicate that a garage door has reached its full open position or that a machine tool is in a position to accept another workpiece. Switches may be operated by process variables such as pressure, temperature, flow, current, voltage, and force, acting as sensors in a process and used to automatically control a system. For example, a thermostat is a temperature-operated switch used to control a heating process. A switch that is operated by another electrical circuit is called a relay." [Switch. Wikipedia]
Use the design elements library "Switches" for drawing light switches layouts, electrical and telecommunication equipment floor plans for building design and construction using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software.
The shapes library "Switches" is included in the Electric and Telecom Plans solution from the Building Plans area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. Read more
Electrical switch symbols
Electrical switch symbols,  weatherproof switch, weatherproof fused switch, weatherproof, timer, three-way switch, switch control, switch, single pole switch, single pole, remote control switch, pilot light, pilot lamp, momentary contact switch, master switch, low voltage, key operated switch, horizontally mounted, glow switch toggle, fused switch, four-way switch, electrolier switch, double throw switch, double pole switch, dimmer switch, circuit breaker, automatic door switch