Manage Plans, Reports, and Changes

ConceptDraw PROJECT makes planning projects and managing change easy because of the project focused tools that manage every aspect you, the Project Manager encounters. ConceptDraw PROJECT builds on established project management methodologies while simplifying the process of managing project data, making effective responses, and working with project teams.

ConceptDraw PROJECT helps you manage all of your project variables from a single view. You can quickly generate a broad range of One Click Reports for project variables such as resource usage, task planning by resource, and budgets. Display  up-to-data status on dashboards to keep you current as the variables change.

ConceptDraw PROJECT is the complete solution to manage single or multiple projects and their associated resources with a very low cost of ownership.

Planning and Initiating Projects with ConceptDraw PROJECT

To build a project schedule, use the Gantt chart portion of the product to assign your resources and develop your budget to fit your situation. In addition to the traditional project planning capability provided by ConceptDraw PROJECT, numerous innovative tools allow you to accelerate and improve the quality of your planning in many ways, including a full pallet of reports, the Project Dashboard, the Project Knowledge Dashboard and integrating it with ConceptDraw Office using INGYRE3 technology, and ConceptDraw Solution Park add-ons.

Manage Plans, Reports, and Changes

During planning, you can quickly generate many One Click Reports to analyze your plans. For example, you can generate reports related to tasks that are on the critical path, resource allocation, and budget costs. These reports help you focus on particular parts of your plan and adjust them as necessary. You can also share these reports with stakeholders to engage in targeted discussions of specific issues, which speeds up planning and helps you make better informed decisions.

You can measure plan completeness with the Project Knowledge Dashboard, which identifies tasks that do not trace back to requirements documents. You know which tasks are undocumented, how many undocumented tasks you have, and what percentage of the project they comprise. Using this information, you can back fill information, improving plan completeness and project success.

The integration of ConceptDraw PROJECT, as part of ConceptDraw Office, allows you to seamlessly gather input from your project teams and input it into your project plan. ConceptDraw MINDMAP, an important component of ConceptDraw Office, gives you the power to utilize brainstorming techniques with your team to define requirements. Planning proceeds faster and with better input than traditional methods.

ConceptDraw PRO, the visual communication component of ConceptDraw Office, supports rapid drawing of Work Breakdown Structures and other project diagrams. The smart draw capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO rapidly render meaningful visual project management content with a single click, resulting in better planning and data visualization so your team’s performance will improve.

The ConceptDraw Solution Park includes a Project Tool Box Solutions specifically for project planning in addition to other project management solutions. These solutions extend your planning and reporting capability, prepare a variety of project reports, and improve project communications. ConceptDraw Solution Park methodology solutions support specific project management approaches, such as Agile development.

When planning, you can generate and print reports as part of your project documents, including schedule and milestone data, budget data, and resource plans. Because these documents are generated from a common data source, you can update them quickly as the project evolves. The ease of generating reports, gathering input, and collaborating with teams means that your project plans are carefully considered and vetted before you begin project execution.

Generating Reports and Managing Change with ConceptDraw PROJECT

When your plans are complete, ConceptDraw PROJECT helps you share status and manage project changes quickly with One Click Reports and the Project Dashboard.

One Click Reports make it easy to quickly identify and correct issues before they spin out of control. For example, you can generate a One Click Report that lists all of your overdue tasks. Other One Click Reports include tasks on the critical path, future tasks, and overdue milestones. You can share these reports to focus on critical activities during stakeholder meetings or one-on-one meetings.

Manage Plans, Reports, and Changes

Because the Project Dashboard consolidates current information onto one screen, you have a powerful, visual view of project , enabling you to identify issues immediately and take corrective action.

When considering project change requests, you can model their impact by creating a subproject in the Multi-Project view. By exploring your options with accurate data, you can make informed decisions and demonstrate your logic with project stakeholders.

ConceptDraw Solution Park has specific Tool Box Solutions to support project change management, including additional dashboards, response planning, and project presentation solutions.

One Click Reports, the Project Dashboard, and Tool Box Solutions help you get control over your project without much document maintenance because you manage your project data from one source, saving you time and increasing success.

Project Communications and Meeting Management

In addition to careful planning and tracking project status, another important project success factor is how effectively you manage communications and meetings.

Throughout the project, you can generate One Click Reports to focus stakeholder attention on specific issues. For example, the Overdue Task Report helps you identify work that is behind schedule. The task owner can explain the cause of the delay and the team can collectively respond. Using the Project Knowledge Dashboard, you can analyze the task’s requirements. Was the requirement more complex than anticipated? Is a different skill needed to complete the task? Does the scope need to be reduced?

The product’s reporting and dashboard features facilitate this analytic process and help to ensure that the team reaches the best possible solutions.

Reporting the outcome of this discussion is just as important as the actual result. Stakeholders must be quickly informed of changes that have been made, why they were made, and the impact to the project. Because you can manage all of this data from one source, updating your project baseline is simple. You can then email the meeting notes and updated project to your stakeholders to keep them informed and current.

ConceptDraw PROJECT can manage any project because of its range of capabilities that track progress and ferret out project anomalies before they become project disasters. By extending its support of project management methodologies with powerful discovery tools such as One Click Reports, Project Dashboards, ConceptDraw Office INGYRE3 integration, and ConceptDraw Solution Parkadd-ons; ConceptDraw PROJECT provides you with all ingredients to manage your project for success.