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How to Purchase ConceptDraw Products for Academic/Nonprofit Institutions

ConceptDraw Products for Academic and Nonprofit Institutions ConceptDraw products allow students and teachers easily create diagrams and other visualizations supporting an educational process.
Taking notes to prepare for exams and preparing for lectures using ConceptDraw MINDMAP, you simplify and accelerate learning and teaching. Using Solutions from the Science and Education area of ConceptDraw Solution Park in combination with ConceptDraw PRO allows you to create professional looking drawings and diagrams covering a range of scientific topics, for use in learning materials, web design, infographics, and presentations.


We provide nonprofits, academic instructors, administrators, and students with great academic pricing.
If you are interested in academic or nonprofit pricing please submit a request form on our Help Desk. You will be quickly contacted by one of our Account Specialists to assist you.

How to Make the Best Investment in ConceptDraw Products

This article will help you to choose ConceptDraw products to meet your particular needs and expectations.

Discover what are the differences between the ConceptDraw products and make your choice on ConceptDraw Products purchasing using the table below. Get the most bang for your buck!

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